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The George Ryan Trial: Transcripts Reveal Secret Debates over Jurors. You be the Judge. Have you ever been screened for a jury?


Select a transcript according to date. Some days may have more than one transcript.

Click the item above to read the complete Pallmeyer file, the transcripts unsealed Friday revealing the secret debate over the jurors in the trial of former Gov. George Ryan.

The transcripts take you in the chambers of U.S. District Court Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer as she wrestles over what to do with jury members who may not have disclosed everything about their pasts as Ryan's lawyers press for a mistrial.

You be the judge. What would you do?


Unfortunately, it's not possible to expand the size of the box in which the document is placed on the page. This means that you cannot read a whole line when you view the document at its original (100%) size. Instead, you have to move the viewing bar left and right to and that makes for a very cumbersome experience. Those of us with older eyes would probably find it easier if we could bump up the size to 125% or more, but that would make it even harder to follow the text. Is there anyway to make a larger "box" for the pdf documents?
Lynn reply: I will pass your question along to the webstaff

Ryan was judged by a jury of his peers. Why did his lawyers and the Tribune
wait till the jurors went into deliberations? They
had five months to do this so why the wait?
Smells fishy--shame on
Dan Webb & associates.


Good Afternoon,

I think our political structure is acting with swift retaliatory fury against the Ryan jury in an effort to intimidate jurors in future corruption trials. Purchasing a stolen bicycle? Please!

I'm relatively confident that I recall seeing photos of some of the Trib folks with the defense lawyers sitting on the grassy knoll having lunch one day.

There are at least 1001 issues about procedure, process and substance in the underlying issues, as well as the execution of the case, that make the immediate cries of "conspiracy" disappointing.

For the love of god, (i) let's make sure jury questionnaires aren't confusing--I'm being generous here; (ii) jury instructions--plain english isn't all that bad and, frankly, takes a lot more thought to get it right; and (iii) jurors and potential jurors--quit lying to get on the job, high profile cases where you get to call a press conference--not all of you, a bit of a generalization--quit lying to get off the job on the mundane ones--do your duty and tell the truth and follow the rules. We'd all be better off--we just have a mess here now.

The JurorFuror is a result of sloppy vetting by both sides and the judge. Sources tell me that the US Atty. only runs rap sheets for "investigative purposes". This apparently doens't include jury selection. Conversely, other sources tell me that the defense probably didn't run their own background checks until well into the trial because they're doing the work for Gov. Ryan on the cheap. Had this been GM or Altria, you can be sure background checks on the entire jury pool would have been done as a matter of course. By the time either side inquired, the toothpaste was already out of the tube. This could have all been avoided with a simple phone call by the Govt. to the FBI's NCIC (rap sheet) unit during jury selection.

I agree with the above statements that this effort is suspicious. What better way for the political establishment to protect itself than to make sure that no one will serve on a jury. Political intimidation at its finest. The media is totally complicit insofar as it continues to fan the flames of harassment against these private individuals who did exactly what was asked of them. Additionally, Webb's conduct throughout this trial also is questionable. He had the opportunity to question each of these jurors about their answers to the questionnaire. He apparently elected not to explore these issues with any of the jurors. He therefore waived the issue. I believe that he is creating this furor to cover up his own sloppy lawyering.

What keeps the IL gangs of the likes of the infamous "shorty folks" from simply surrounding a courthouse, politely explaining they are in process of removing documents somehow filed there, retrofitting jury rooms for drugs fuming and whatever other unbelievably stupid wannabe tough guys stuffing they are enforcing being completed? As the air in the Kankakee region improves with fewer convoys circling to monitor the Ryan topside show which nobody in that effort probably desired, then perhaps some of the real motivations for setting up elected officals for eventual downfalls might be examined intelligently by these media.

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