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Should Rumsfeld Resign?


A growing chorus of retired generals are saying it is time for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to step down.

What do you think?


Yes, I think its time he stepped down. Obviously his communication skills are no longer valid according to high ranking officials and i would hope it would be a plus for the very unpopular Bush....

Sec. Donald Rumsfeld should stay on... It is the "liberal driveby media" that is behind this to undermine anything the President does. They never have any positive comments about anything he does. The "drive by media" is attempting to run our Country. Everyone should pray for our President every day.

Yes he should retire and Cheney should resign

As a combat veteran I say Yes Rumfeld should go.Trust of the troops is the most important thing.We are a veterans org.Veterans For Progress IL. we work for wounded troops.We hear from them everyday.They no longer trust Rumfeld at all.So in that case since the men and women from the war zones don't trust him .He most go now!

Generals do not make policy, nor is their political opinion of consequence. They are supposed to carry out policy. Rumsfeld's responsibility is to implement the policy of the President, who is charged with the decisions of war.

It won't happen with Bush in office, but Rumsfeld should be gone. Rumsfeld is one of the reality-challenged fools wanted to go to war with Iraq immediately after 9-11, which makes him responsible for not just the idiotic way the war was run, but for the fact that we're in this idiotic war in the first place. He will go down in history as a world class buffoon.


Yesterday.To my mind he's a bum.

No! Rumsfeld should not resign. What ever the liberals demand, since liberalism is based on lies and failure, we should do the opposite.

Once upon a time, I thought Donald Rumsfeld might make a good president. I was wrong. And now we're supposed to even consider a nuclear attack on another nation? He (and this president) do NOT speak for our America. Rumsfeld has to go.

Resign? For What? It's time to wake up America. Living in a bubble, thinking you are safe? Let me know how that works out. Our enemies hate us, and would light us, no you, on fire and drag you through the streets, while their children laugh, and taunt you. And Rumsfeld should resign for using methods to get information to prevent this. Anyone who believes he should resign or is against the war, deserves to be dropped off in Baghdad. We'll even give you a sign that says "im against the war in Iraq" You wouldn't make it 5 steps. You would scream and cry for American soldiers, whom you betray while you live in your "safe bubble"

naw, keep Rummy, he will spend the country into backruptcy, put you on welfare, send your sons and daughters to fight an endless war, all for oil. go for it.

He should resign. If Rumsfeld's performance can engender this amount of disdain from men who have lived by a code of obedience and respect for civilian leadership all their lives, so much so that they are willing to speak out, something is obviously wrong. The larger point is that Rumsfeld, and this administration in general, through its incompetent and arrogant performance on a number of fronts, is putting too much strain on institutions (civilian-military power sharing agreement) that are vital to this nation's stability. Let's get Rumsfeld out and come election season let's move out the entire lot of them.

Why should he resign? He got us in this war and has done so wonderfully so far, doesn't everyone want more of the same? When we are finally out of Iraq we will have left behind a vassal of Iran. We won't have done anything about Osama and I damn sure don't feel any safer than before SHOCK & AWE.

Why resign? Because a few generals don't agree with his policies?
That's nothing new in the military chain of command.
Do any other generals support him? Will we hear from them? Probably not since our major media wouldn't publish that.
The media goes right along with it as if we're at the circus playing Dunk The Clown.

Yes he should resign. His arrogance and his my way or no way style is taking our country down. Bush's support means nothing. As far as Bush trying to seperate himself from Rumsfelt doesn't mean much. For the people that are supporting him watch our country go down!!!!

Ok I see a lot of you never served in the Military.So here's some facts if you talk about a superior and you are still in or active duty,you can face a article 15 which means loss of pay and rank.Now if the military wants to push the matter you can face a article 32 which mean a court marshall.Now that a big deal you can go to jail or be discharged with a BCD or Bad Conduct discharge.So if you want to find out how the boots on the ground feel you have to wait tell they are out.Rumfeld has made mistake after mistake.He need to go and let fresh blood take over .This will be the only way to win this War.Right now as a vietnam vet I am seeing the same things happening.I will alway's support the troops but can not and will not support a person who put our troops last.

Is there any truth to the reports that the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Snow, is on the way out the door, one way or anther? If true, this is perhaps why Rumsfeld can't leave YET... i.e.. he's got to wait for his turn!!!
I do have a nominee in mind for a replacement for Rumsfeld though...... in fact this person seems to be auditioning for the job on a daily basis right now (no, its NOT Joe Lieberman)...... How about Scott McClellan?....... he seems to be spending a lot of time being the "secretary of defending" this administration on Cheney's lies to get into the War in Iraq, the illegal torturing, illegal spying, Valerie Plame case, $3.00 a gallon gas.... , collapse of the mortgage bubble, collapse of the whole auto manufacturing sector, etc. etc.. etc..
Why I think Scotty may already be doing the job!!

Gerald Pechenuk

Not only should Rumsfeld resign, he and his boss and co-workers should be handed over to the authorities at The Hague to stand trial for war crimes.

It is simply not the case that being American exempts one from being a war criminal.

If what this crew has done does not constitute war crimes, let us agree to abandon the concept of international law and study our cave-dwelling ancestors for insights into how best to behave.

Absolutely he should resign. He is an embarrassment.

I find it curious that those who proclaim support for him do so because they are so afraid. It seems that peddling fear is the one thing this administration really excels at.

This tell you why he neeeds to go.Questions About the Pentagon have now pop up.Only 40% of the $7 billion given to Iraq to train their troops to take over has been spent.Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has asked for emergency funds for training the Iraq forces to take over for our guys.Where is the money and who has it?This should prove to you he needs to go.

The whole lot of them--Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Powell, Rice, probably more--should be arrested and tried for treason and war crimes.

Rumsfeld will not leave because that would be an admission that Bush made a mistake in invading Iraq. And as we know, Bush is not very good about admitting any errors on his part.

I guess he should resign but I think the real person to blame is Bush.

You know the buck stops there.

YES! Rumsfeld should take the high road and go! Why does it take all this critism and name calling for him to realize that it is time? There is nothing wrong with taking another direction. We do it every four years with presidential elections. We take the country in a new direction whether the sitting president is good or bad. In the words of the Sopranos, "He's gotta GO!"

Yes, Rumsfeld he should resign. And before they get us into another armed conflict, so should this President and Vice President. Given the opportunity, they will undoubtedly get us into other ill-conceived armed conflicts.

It's bad enough that the war in Iraq was "sold" to the American People with lies and intentional deception, but it has been a dismal failure: it wasn't planned properly, it isn't being executed well, and with no exit strategy in sight, it has cost the lives of 2500 American soldiers and permanently injured almost 17,500 more -- SO FAR.

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