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Reid pushes back: Bush blames Democrats ``to distract from his own troubles.''


This pushback statement from the Reid camp was sent out after President Bush personally blamed Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nv.) for the failure of the Senate to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.



Washington, DC—With President Bush seeking to blame Democrats for his own failures in Congress, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today released the following statement on comprehensive immigration reform, which was blocked twice last week by Senate Republicans.

“In a week when President Bush was unable to convince House Republicans to pass his budget, was unable to convince Senate Republicans to pass immigration reform, and was caught misleading the American people about national security matters yet again, it's no surprise that he would take a page from the Karl Rove playbook and blame Democrats to distract from his own troubles. The fact is, President Bush and Senator Frist are flat out wrong about what happened to the immigration bill. Democrats are committed to comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform. That's why we voted twice last week in favor of it. It was President Bush and Republicans in Congress who lacked the backbone to stand up to the extreme right-wing of their party, filibustered reform twice in two days, and put partisan politics ahead of border security and immigration reform.��?



bush in trouble

You might think hard about making sure your children learn spanish fluently. Our elected officials are going to make it a mostly spanish speaking country in less than a couple generations. Bet on it.

Unless President Bush publicly denounces the House Bill and insists that he will only sign a comprehensive immigration bill, Senator Reid and the Democrats have no obligation to push for immigration reform this year.

This is just a distraction. There's far more pressing issues than immigration.

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