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Luis vs. Lou: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) does not take CNN's Lou Dobbs bait. FRIDAY UPDATE: Luis and Lou go another round next Wednesday.


It was Luis vs. Lou on Thursday night.

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, leading a strident crusade against illegal immigration, dangled bait in front of Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) but he did not bite.

The two have a history.

Gutierrez, a House Democratic leader on immigration who plays on a national level on this issue, believes that Dobbs’ ``Broken Borders’’ segment is more like a ``Broken Record.’’

He took to the House floor last year to chastise Dobbs in a series of speeches for giving a platform to ``to anti-immigration extremists.’’

Gutierrez is unalterably opposed to a bill sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) the House passed Dec. 16 creating new criminal penalties for illegal immigrants, their employers and the people who help them.

More than a year ago, Gutierrez brought Dobbs to a meeting of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to see if the group could temper some of his illegal immigrant-bashing views. Though the meeting was cordial Dobbs only got worse on immigration, Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez came into the House Radio and TV gallery for a live remote interview with Dobbs with pages of fiery and combative talking points. Turned out he did not use them.

The Dobbs interview with Gutierrez segment was labeled with an attitude: ``War against the middle class.’’

Gutierrez was introduced by Dobbs with a double putdown, ``he not only voted against the Sensenbrenner legislation, but he helped bring 100,000 folks to the streets of Chicago to protest it.’’

Gutierrez decided to ignore the dis, though while factually accurate, portrayed him as a rabble rouser and ignored the point he is part of the House Democratic immigration team and a national spokesman on the issue for the party.

A pending Senate compromise (collasping as I write this) provides for a path for legal status for illegal immigrants that involves paying a $2,000 fine.

``The idea of buying citizenship. Does that feel right to you?’’ asked Dobbs.

``Well, they are not buying it, they are paying a penalty,’’ said Gutierrez, very calmly.

Dobbs said he’ll have him back on the show next week.

He’ll have time to fish around for new bait.

On Sunday, Gutierrez is scheduled to talk about immigration issues on NBC’s ``Meet the Press.’’


Give me a break. Louie is the broken record here. How many years has he been pushing for amnesty for illegals? And for what end? Votes for Louie at the expense of the rest of us.

I enjoy Lou Dobbs but I can not watch him anymore because all he talks about his immigration and his own views on it. Its his way or the highway and its getting real old real fast.

What's the alternative to Lou Dobbs? There is none. Liberals, illegals and all the special interest groups are trying to silence him so there will be no opposition voice on this debacle. No one else is pointing out the hypocracy of Congress and the president on illegal immigration or highlighting just how unworkable their agendas are.

BTW, Lou Dobbs' ratings are at an all time high and lead the rest of CNN's shows (except for Larry King).

Mr. Dobbs is providing a space for extreme right wing voices whose only agenda is to deport the millions of immigrant workers and their loved ones. There is no objectivity in his show. He sides with anti immigrant groups and attacks the pro immigrant guests in his show. Mr. Dobbs, please be more impartial and provide a space for a healthy dialogue. Do not create more hostilities. Don't support anti immigrant individuals to spread their dark motives and hate in our neighborhoods.

May God Bless You, Mr. Dobbs

Gutierrez was introduced by Dobbs with a double putdown, ``he not only voted against the Sensenbrenner legislation, but he helped bring 100,000 folks to the streets of Chicago to protest it.’’

I know Dobbs intended that as a double putdown, but Gutierrez earns Two Gold stars from me for those acts. Rep. Gutierrez should be very proud of his actions.

I'm really shocked and outraged what sort of slanders are some people spewing around. Firstly it is about mass illegal immigrations. Secondly, whether you like it or hate it people have the right to decide on this matter. And Mr. Jones, I've not escaped communism only to suffer under the rule of another sort of do-gooders. You can do absolutely nothing with that as I will not submit to your demagogy.

I find those who are so- called experts from Illinois talking about illegal immigration about as credible as Arizonans discussing the history of the Chicago River flowing backwards.

Come on down and view illegal immigration first hand.

From a Chicagoan who left after his first 36 years.

Lou Dobbs does the less powerful Americans a service by voicing concerns that the power elite wants silenced. The business interest want an exploitable class for cheap labor and too many African-Americans have learned to stick up for their rights in the workplace. I would say that if we are not going to enforce our laws, lets allow anyone who can get here to stay here legally. Then we can dispence with the Border Patrol and the entire Immigration apparatus. I have a lot of friends waiting months and years to bring in wives/family members legally and I think it is not fair others are allowed to cheat the system and win.

The views and actions of Congressman Gutierrez are reasonable and compassionate. Some of the opposing views have no solution in mind.

Luis Gutierrez makes me sick pushing amnesty for the 30 millions of illegals, nobody told them to come invading our country, so why the hell should they be complaining. Let them go back home, they come like thieves in the night breaking our laws by crossing the border and then they want to demand. If they're so tough why don't they go to their Country and demand from their president. That's where they need to do it.

lou dobbs is worst then a broken record,he is beyond irritating now ,sooner or later truth will prevail,undocumented hard working people living in this country will overcome the politics of fear and hatred and iam very proud of rep.gutirez.

Those who have not experienced illegal Mexican immigrants firsthand, have no idea what they are talking about, I have been
subjected to the Mexicans in California for 38 years, I have witnessed what has happened to many previously great small towns,
those towns are no longer safe for ANYONE, including Mexicans, they bring with them diseases that use to be gone from our country, they bring gangs, and people who in general cannot even
take care of themselves without government assistance.
Lou Dobbs speaks for millions of white people who do not have a voice to the country, this immigration is already out of hand, these people DO NOT want to be Americans, they want to be Mexicans helping to take control of the western USA, Just ask La Raza.

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