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2nd FRIDAY UPDATE: funder numbers: Cash-on-hand: 6th CD-Bean, $1.75 million; McSweeney, $146,953. 8th CD- Duckworth,$331,000

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Dear Friends of the Sweet Blog:

Friday updates from the federal first quarter fund-raising numbers are just being made public.

I'll try to keep a running blog log of the information for the biggest races as the numbers come out. I'll pay closest attention to the big Illinois contests as well the big money national campaigns, for example, potential 2008 White House contender Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) who is raising millions for her 2006 re-election bid.

6th Congressional District
Democrat Tammy Duckworth (numbers approximate from press release, not filing)
Raised this cycle to date: $1.038 million (since only Dec. 16)
Raised 1st quarter: $917,000
Cash-on-hand: $331,000

Republican Peter Roskam
to come.

8th Congressional District

Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.)
Raised this cycle to date: $2.27 million
Raised 1st quarter: $536,000
Cash-on-hand: $1.75 million

David McSweeney

Loaned own money to campaign : $1,901,500
Raised 1st quarter: $619,201
Cash-on-hand: $146,953


For Immediate Release
April 13, 2006
With $1.75 Million Cash-on-Hand, Analysts and Local Officials Tout Her Strong Fundraising and Solid, Moderate Record in Asserting Her Likely Re-election

BARRINGTON, IL – Congresswoman Melissa Bean’s campaign built on a successful first year by raising more money during the first three months of 2006 than in any previous quarter. The campaign’s financial standing – combined with Bean’s work ethic, legislative accomplishments and moderate record – have further strengthened her position and caused analysts and local officials to continue proclaiming her likely re-election.

As of March 31, Bean had $1.75 million cash-on-hand after raising over $2.27 million for her re-election campaign, including over $536,000 she raised during the first quarter of this year. Bean’s strongest fundraising quarter had been July to September of 2005, during which she raised about $509,000.

As usual, most of Bean’s funds came from individuals. About 72% of her total raised came in the form of individual donations, with the remainder received from PACs and the campaign committees of other members of Congress. In terms of actual contributions, about 92% came from individual donors. So far, about 7,000 individuals have contributed to Bean’s campaign, with the average individual contribution amounting to $172.

Because of Bean’s fundraising success and strong record of accomplishments during her first year, political analysts and some local Republicans have acknowledged that she is a formidable opponent and likely to be re-elected.

“She will be a very formidable candidate,��? says state Rep. Mark Beaubien Jr., a moderate Republican from Wauconda once touted as a top-tier challenger before he opted not to run. “She's done an excellent job.��? (Crain’s Chicago Business, 3/13/06)

“… Bean's fundraising makes it tougher for Republicans to regain what had been one of the party's safest seats in Illinois …��? (Crain’s Chicago Business, 3/13/06)

“Bean has projected a centrist profile… CQ rates the general election race as Leans Democratic.��? (CQPOLITICS.COM, 3/11/06)

“(Defeating Bean) won't be easy for Republicans--Bean has done an impressive job of charting a moderate, pro-growth political course that many of her constituents will like.��? (Chicago Tribune Editorial, 2/27/06)

“Investment banker David McSweeney's victory in the Republican primary could hamper Republican chances here.��? (The Fix/Washington Post, 3/31/06)

“…Bean is a very tough target. … Republicans have yet to make a convincing case as to why she deserves to be fired and Bean has not given them many opportunities to make that case. The political environment is also working in Bean's favor. We have this race in the toss-up category, but as of now, it leans slightly to Bean.��? (Cook Political Report, 3/24/06)

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) offered “a blunt assessment,��? and said it will not be easy to defeat Bean (Chicago Sun-Times, 2/17/05).

As Bean promised, she has worked hard to stay in touch with constituents and deliver for the district. She obtained $24 million in funding for local road projects and millions more to expand Metra rail service, in addition to funding for local police and firefighters. Last year, Bean hosted dozens of public events and personally met with over 2,000 constituents, while her office processed over 1,100 constituent cases and answered over 20,000 constituent letters.

Bean has been an advocate for children’s Internet safety and is leading the fight against identity theft, introducing legislation and hosting local forums on both issues.

As a fiscal conservative, Bean has supported tax relief for families, seniors and small businesses and has supported reducing government waste – voting last year to cut over $100 billion dollars in federal spending. She has also been an advocate for the small business community, homeland security and a robust national defense.




April 13, 2006

New York, NY -- Friends of Hillary, the reelection committee for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, today released figures from its first-quarter 2006 filing with the Federal Election Commission:

The campaign reported raising $6,072,801 in the 1st quarter, reflecting contributions from 49,321 individual donors. 15,373 were contributing for the first time. This brings the total number of contributors to Friends of Hillary for the 2006 campaign cycle to over 250,000.

Ninety-five percent (95%) of individual contributors during this quarter gave $100 or less, reflecting the strong emphasis the campaign is making on reaching individual donors through direct mail and the internet. The campaign has $19,703,421 cash on hand.

"We're kicking off the election year with a great showing of support for Senator Clinton," said Friends of Hillary Executive Director Patti Solis Doyle. "I'm especially pleased to welcome such a high proportion of grassroots contributors."

A copy of the report's detailed summary and cover pages are attached.

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All content copyright 2005 Friends of Hillary
420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 350, New York, NY 10170.

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The question of funding for these campaigns should be viewed with the following in mind. Are the people that Hillary Clinton, Melissa Bean, etc. etc.. getting money from PREVENTING the Democrats from getting a LANDSLIDE VICTORIES in the 2006 Election Cycle? For example, Felix Rohatyn, the "Democrat" has expressed himself recently at a public meeting as opposing the Franklin Roosevelt policy of government generated credits for infrastructure and related job creation policies in favor of "privately" run infrastructures as for example in the case of the Chicago Skyway ("privatized") and now the "privatization" of the Indiana Toll Road!!!! What kind of Democrat is that? FDR would probably called Rohatyn "an economic royalist," at best. Rohatyn also publically collaborated with leading Republican George Schultz in an October 9, 2004 conference at Middlebury College Vermont titled, "The Privatization of National Security," Now we have "private military companies," with enormous operations in Iraq like Dick Cheney's own Haliburton Corporation, etc. etc... Is that a policy for Democrats? Hardly........
So, the lesson in this is that all the money in the world from hedge funds operators, private equity firm owners, and other corporate raiders like Kirk Kerkorian, and the Lazard Freres crowd of Steve Rattner, Bruce Wasserestein, and Rahm Emanuel cannot buy the elections and save the nation from the terrible crises perpetuated by the Cheney-Bush administration.
Mobilizing the young people of this nation around the proud legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the LaRouche Political Action Committee and others are doing, is the presciption for the ill nation. Gerald Pechenuk

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