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Hillary Rodham Clinton: Washington ``in denial'' over immigration. Who is to blame for the immigration impasse? Democrats? Republicans?


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) said Washington is in ``denial'' over immigration in the Bloomberg interview (earlier post).

``This is another example of the denial that I see afflicting Washington right now. It's part of what I call turning Washington into an evidence-free zone. I mean, the evidence is clear that our borders are not secure and we have 12 million immigrants. We don't know who they are. We don't know what they're doing. They're out there. We're not enforcing employer sanctions. We have the worst of all worlds,'' Clinton said./em>

Who do you blame for the stalled Senate immigration legislation?


(1) The illegal immigrants for coming here illegally and (2) our government. If we can't trust our politicians to enforce the laws that are on the books, then it is time to do away with the politicians.

"Who do you blame for the stalled Senate immigration legislation?"

When George W. Bush has really wanted something -- from the war in Iraq to massive tax cuts for the rich to an extension of the Patriot Act to two more right-wing justices on the Supreme Court -- he has gotten it from Congress.

If GWB actually wanted immigration legislation, there would be immigration legislation.

So, short answer: I blame Bush.

Immigrants that come to America to divide it up into their non-English territories - they do not like "Americans" they want to make little Mexicos and whine about how they come here and break their backs for us. What's wrong with them? Tell them all to just go home to Mexico if they don't like it or think they are so smart. I am American I live in a country that I love ..which is called America. I do not want little countries to develope upon our soil. (which will cause territory disputs - we have enough of that going on with surveyed land in the country. Please! This is America...not little Cuba, or little Mexico, or little China get an education love it or leave it. If I moved to Mexico I would expect to learn Spanish - not for them to have to change their language to mine. Bunch of whiners - go back to where you came from or become American like the rest of us. If you are illigal - get out because you are breaking the law - what part of breaking the law do you not understand?

The politicians are to blame for inaction and not enforcing our laws. If security is such a big concern why are we still talking about securing our borders. Let's act now .

I blame the Executive and legislative branches of our government for the mess we are in now. Inaction and noncompliance by government agencies, big business wanting cheap labor and the general public with their heads in the sand are all included.

I blame our politicians, the ones who are voted into office for the mess this country is having. As an American born citizen I see no problem with having people become citizens of this wonderful country, however they need to do it the right way not by being here illegally and all we do is forgive and forget and give benefits Americans have a hard time receiving. I would like to see the politicians help the American people who may not have a job, who can't afford housing, who can't afford gas, or even food for their family or better yet themselves. What happened to considering Americans who pay taxes and fight for our country. My heart is with our guys and girls overseas or anywhere within the military for that matter, they are there because they love this country and who out of all the immigrants who want to become citizens will fight for this country? To live here is to love this country for the right reasons, not just money but pride. It makes no differences to which immigrants we are talking about but right now I hear Mexico, what about others from the other countries. Why are they not mentioned if your going to bring up immigrants. Is this a way for out politicians to receive more votes. I have always been proud to be an American and I wish we would all follow the rules for coming into this country and not sway just because. Remember what happened to us on 9/11. I thought this country would have gotten a little stricker rather just opening our doors once again. Please wake up and remember the Americans who need help as well......

the immigration
problem should of
been solved many
years ago it is now too late

Democrats played politics with the House of Representative Bill. Republicans proposed changing the term “felony��? to a simple misdeameanor. Instead 191 Democrats voted it down and now use it as a fear tool to all illegals.

Democrats then used another scheme in the U.S. Senate. For 10 days they blocked all amendments, refusing to accept any changes in their 500+ page flawed bill.

This bill is a slap in the face to all law-abiding American citizens and legal immigrants. This amnesty bill is unforceable and only leads to more fraud. It will drain America dry and free Mexico of all its obligations to its people, and at the same time, enrich it with the 20 billion American dollars that illegals send back yearly.

No legislation should be passed until the real issue is solved…the border security of America! It must be strengthened, and all existing immigration laws that have been broken by corporations and illegals be enforced immediately.

Why do the terms legal and ILEGAL keep being mixed up? Who stands to benefit from this, big businesses with lower wages and no benefits? And why don’t the protesters displaying the American flag?

The Democrats, and Republicans, and everybody else living in America is to blame for the current problems regarding illegal immigrants. What we have to do is face some hard questions and come up with some hard answers immediately. The trouble lies in so many different places no one knows where to start. Let me say you have to first secure the boarders because of these problems with terriosts.

I blame the local media for not telling people the truth about who is organising and funding the protest (riots). If America, Mexican Americans included, knew how involved A.S.W.E.R. and other crypto-communist organisations were we could all take a step back and reconsider the implications of any legislation. Clearly there exist forces whose interests are contrary to the interests of ALL Americans.

For the failure of the breakdown on the immigration issue in the Senate, TOTAL blame is on the Republicans and their gang of neo-cons, the same ones that started the war in Iraq, all blame and innocent blood is upon them. I'm for OPEN BORDERS, this country has sowed the wind, but is now reaping the whirlwind! How do you all think we got the Southwest part of the US? Boatloads and over the land, US illegals came to Mexico fully armed and took Texas, and then the entire southwest from Mexico; furthermore, the first illegal aliens were US citizens crossing over into the Mexican territory of Texas to California. When the US stole this land from Mexico, they got the WHOLE package, not only the land, but the people ALREADY living there, the REAL Americans by race, history and God's grace, the Mexicans. Yes, I'm for OPEN BORDERs, and tear down that disgusting fence along the border, and if you people don't like it, go back to Europe, or wherever you all come from. Lastly, there needs to be a economic Marshall Plan for Mexico, just like there was one our enemies in WW II.

I'll blame the libs every step of the way. Everybody knows very well that if it wasn't for the liberals dispicable pandering for votes to this segment because they know they can't win without them, GW would have pushed through legislation long ago. We conservatives don't want any illegals here, period, but the libs make GW out to be some sort of Nazi when he wants to enforce the law. & don't tell me about how they do jobs Americans wouldn't. The illegals drive down wages so Americans can no longer make a living working some of these jobs. Thanks for nothing!

America was built on immigrants. the only native people here are native americans. The Germans came over, they applied for citizenship, The Italians and Irish came over they applied for citizen ship and the government was able to keep track of who was comming into the country. When the immigrants came to this country they learned and adhered to the laws and customs of the land. They learned to speak English, Taught their kids english and they prospered. I don't think most americans have a problem of immigrants comming to this great country. What I think most americans have a problem with is that they are breaking the law, draining our resources and the tax payers are having to spend extra money to compensate for their refusal to learn English. At a time when many LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS have a hard time paying for health insurance, Illegal Aliens can get it for free. At a time when identity theft is a growing problem, Illegal Aliens use false Social Security Numbers to get jobs. The biggest and most widely used defense for needing Illegal Immigrants is that they will do jobs that Legal Citizens won't do. Do you really believe that? Are Americans really that Lazy, and stuck up? Nope, I wouldn't have a problem working many of those jobs provided there was fair compensation. Ah, that may be one of the problems. The reason that Americans don't take many of these "JOBS NOBODY WANTS" is that the pay is so low. Why is the pay so low for unskilled labor? It could be that Illegal Immigrants are willing to work for substandard wages, and therfore drive the wages down for these jobs. Down so low that the average Legal worker can't afford to take them because they have to pay taxes, healthcare, and schooling among other expenses that people living here Illegally don't have to deal with. What is our solution? We need laws changed. If you are here Illegally and you have a child then You and Your child are here Illegally. Not that you have a child born in America and they are automatically American Citizens, the Illegal mother gets to stay to care for the American Child. That is stupid. We also need enforcment. When a company is found to be using Illegal Workers, the Illegal Workers should be put on a plane, or train. which ever is cheaper and brought back to the border and their possesions confiscated. The cost for the trip should be the cost of the fine for the company hiring the Illegal Workforce. We should also have a border that you can't just sneak over. Prisons build walls to keep people in, we need to build walls to keep people out. If a person wants to Move to America, live the American dream then they Need to live by the Laws of America. They know ahead of time that they want to come. They need to file paperwork, send it in and work through the red tape just like the rest of us.


Both parties are corrupt. The Democrats want illegals because immigrants vote Democratic, and the Republicans are owned by the corporations who want cheap labor.

I would distinguish between the government, which has laws available to it against illegal immigration, and the corrupt parties that are presently in control of the government. The stall isn't in making new laws on immigration reform; the stall is in enforcement of existing laws. Illegal entry is already a criminal act under the law.

Why would anyone blame the people affected? Mexicans share our western values. Protests are not riots. What we have seen is nothing like what has happened in France.

Bus, Bush, Bush. The only time he leads is when Cheney makes him.

I love my country but this is a silly country. I don't get it. Why are we giving free stuff to illegal immigrants. Should we take care of our home first. There's lots of poor and middle class American citizens without benefits. Stop giving away our money to people that didn't file for legal citizenship and give it to our own. I'm for immigration but through the legal channels where you pay back taxes, learn English, background checks and so on. I blame all of these politicians...Dems and Reps.

First of all, I’m an American just like you people I’m enrolled in the Army I’ve been to Iraq I seen things you guys have just seen in movies all this while you’ve sat at home scratching your bellies bossing these Mexican people around; and for what? To have a better life, in total honesty you guys should be ashamed of your posts, these people leave their country because of it’s terrible economy come to a totally unknown country where the language is different, and where everything known is no existing all to give their families a better a life, a hope for the future. You guys have that right to give your families a better future, why shouldn’t they your a human being their human beings, just because you people where born in a different peace of dirt you think your better than these people? I’ve met brilliant Mexicans, my best friend is Mexican and I can tell you the guys is a genius loves football and baseball and represents what it is to be American more than many Birth Americans. He immigrated to America when four, studied in the public school system and got legalized a couple years ago and know attends Penn State. This guy is a perfect example of what these Mexicans want, they simple want to become better people if not themselves, and they simply want their children to become prosperous human beings. What’s wrong with that? I mean if you can’t find a job it’s obvious you’re just an ignorant person who didn’t treasure the opportunities life gave you, probably didn’t go to college and have to depend on low wage jobs but that’s your fault, not immigrants fault. They want what’s at the bottom of the barrel and that’s fine by me. They seriously just want what everyone doesn’t want to do, my family is pro open border my dad is a lawyer, and my mom an elementary school principal and they don’t mind Mexicans mowing our lawn, why? because the job sucks, and you guys sit here saying immigrants lower the minimum wage, well you wouldn’t have to care about the minimum wage if would have simple taken advantage of what life gave when you where born. In conclusion I think their should a reform kicking out good for nothing lazy people whom cry about not being to get a crappy job, and legalize people whom actually work themselves to their bones in order for a better future.

An economic Marshall Plan for Mexico? Are you serious or delusional? Why are you in favor of more handouts to an already ungrateful people. I thought NAFTA was supposed to be the fix for Mexico and don't forget when the American taxpayer, courtesy of our fearless leaders, sent $50 million to bail them out when they faced economic ruin. Billions are sent home via Western Union and Fox loves that. We should take 10% of those dollars and build a great big wall and lots of bus tickets home. Further more we should send Mexico the bill for the costs associated with these illegals.

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