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Cynthia McKinney: I just spotted her off the House floor and.....


A short time ago I spotted Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) near an elevator off the House floor. She was wearing her members' pin.

background: - In a story offering fodder for the cable newsers, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) ended up apologizing Thursday after getting in a scuffle with a police officer who she hit after he stopped her at a Capitol entrance--she was not wearing her member's pin.

A grand jury is investigating.


Rep. McKinney did NOT "apologize". She said she "regretted" that there was any "touching". She most certainly made no attempt to say that she had done anything wrong, or that the incident was her fault. If you don't take the blame, and don't admit wrong, you haven't apologized.

Cynthia McKinney is the only person in Congress who is devoted to one thing and one thing only - the TRUTH! There is a big pricetag accompanying the arrival at TRUTH and Cynthia is willing to pay it. She is a hero, a leader, and a true American. As a nation, we should be thanking her and praising her for speaking truth to power.

Rozanne Gates

You are incorrect, Jeff H. McKinney expressed regret for the incident in her *first* public statement, last Wednesday.

But today, she did apologize. Used the words "sorry" and "apologize."

“I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its escalation and I apologize,��? McKinney, D-Ga., said during a brief appearance on the House floor.

A hero? You have got to be kidding me. What has she done during her tenure? Spending money on a Tupac revival and personal travel expenses. She did not apologize. She is a racist whack job who is hurting those people who claim true legitimate racial problems. She is hurting race relations. She is a joke. Look at her history, look at her fathers history.

Action such as those of Ms. McKinney should not be tolerated. Ms. McKinney is quick to claim she was targetted because she is a black woman. That was obviously not the case and her attempt to hide behind her race and sex show her true colors. Remember not all bigots are white and not all victims are black.

This is just the beginning of this round of personal problems Cynthia faces. She will likely have to answer to ethical charges in the very near future for using campaign funds--not raised but subsidized by taxpayers dollars to pay for travel and lodging for Isaac Hayes to appear at at fundraiser held for her--a total ethics violation. AJC reported this week on an investigation and likely indictment. Doesn't sound like a hero to me.

Wrong>>>> Jill S..I still fail to see an appology there,"I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its escalation and I appologize,��? McKinney, D-Ga., said during a brief appearance on the House floor.
She's from the get go,interpreting this as a "misunderstanding"..and for that she then appologized.NO mention of the officer was made.

Ofcoarse Cynthia Mckinney has been targeted. You dont think the capitol police know who she is? The Republicans have been exposed as the corrupt scoundrels they are so they are targeting Ms. Mckinney. She was the first to publicly accuse Bush of having prior knowledge of the 9/11 masacre. She has stood up for Black farmers. She endured being railroaded out of congress by a shill candidate subsidized by her enemies. She won the 'Backbone of the Year Award'. Now that everyone has gotten on the bandwagon to attack Bush about the 9/11 discourse she is accepted and people still want to denounce her. Why is the Black Caucus afraid to support her. Have Democrats once again been intimidated. They have attacked other Black congressmen in the past. I am a student of History. They attacked the late Adam Clayton Powell and the late Barbara Jordan. While she has publicly been called all hideous names this Black Mother has stood up. I hope she has not been intimidated by those to timid around her to stand up. This is what is wrong with the Democratic Party. They let crooks like Tom DeLay attack Cynthia McKinney. They say nothing about Shotgun Cheney, the sexual molester, the shoplifter and Bushes outing a CIA agent. They instead shun an outspoken member of congress Cynthia Mckinney. We need Democrats who will stand up to the Republicans and stop being intimdated. Cynthia was not intimidated. Can you imagine the right wing hacks calling a white or jewish woman the names they have called Cynthia Mckinney?

"Cynthia McKinney is the only person in Congress who is devoted to one thing and one thing only - the TRUTH! There is a big pricetag accompanying the arrival at TRUTH and Cynthia is willing to pay it. She is a hero, a leader, and a true American. As a nation, we should be thanking her and praising her for speaking truth to power."

Rozanne Gates

Oh puhleazze!

Cynthia McKinney is completely wrong in this situation. It is an obvious shame of quilt when she claimed this was racial profiling. She obviously is what they say about her, a racist herself. Since she has had previous problems with this, I feel she should have to step down to someone who may be better suited for the job. She is pathedic.

Why can't the leaders of our country demonstrate better judgement. This reminds me of when I was a kid and I would go out of my way to provoke a confrontation with someone I didn't like. I quickly learned during the incident that I had let my emotions dictate my better judgement and that I was wrong. Nothing justifies treating anyone with disrespect! So who is a fault. I will not judge Rep. McKinney. But, I support the security measures that the already over taxed security forces have been mandated to implement. The individuals who refuse to wear the lapel pin are going out of there way to challenge the security personal. I don't get it? I guess our military should refuse to wear there uniform while they are entering US installations, or is this another example of racial profiling!

She was wrong. Period. The officer was simply doing his job and she created this issue by not wearing her Member's Pin which would have helped identify her. It is both amazing and pathetic that black America falls in lock-step with such attitude as if to say rules just don't apply to black America. Nail her to the wall, investigate her to the fullest extent of the law and kick her out.

I try not to engage in a battle of wits with ignorant,biased people who use stupid comments like "Shotgun Cheney". You find that these sort of people thrive and survive on information that is exaggerated and most times simply made up. They resort to name calling just like the ignorant kids that they were.

"They say nothing about
Shotgun Cheney, the sexual molester, the shoplifter and Bushes outing a CIA agent"(Your Words)

Get a life!

Tom Blevins

Posted by Scott D.- "It is both amazing and pathetic that black America falls in lock-step with such attitude as if to say rules just don't apply to black America."

My grandfather is a retired policeman so needless to say, I feel that Cynthia McKinney was wrong for not adhearing to authority.

Scott I can understand your frustration with this issue, but I do not agree with you saying that black america feels that rules do not apply to them.

There are many Americans who are black that are often misrepresented by incidents such as these (and people such as Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton). I wish the news media would tell the stories of those Americans instead of always finding "easy news" that plays to stereotypes.

What frustrates me most about this incident & your statement is that I have once again been misrepresented & will have to work to correct this misunderstanding.

I think alot of people would be surprised to find that many black people, (including me) feel that Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton do no represent them at all. But until people realize this, I guess I have alot of explaining to do. :)

Jill, please deconstruct her words. Saying "I'm sorry it rained on our picnic" is not the same as saying "I'm sorry that I caused it to rain". She is sorry that the situation exists but said nothing about admitting her errors.

Who's kiddin' who? This was a carefully worded performance reviewed right down to the last comma by her attorneys. She said nothing that admits guilt but is trying to look gracious. An educated person can see through grammar but she is insulting those who can't. It's classic Washington - speaking out of both sides of one's mouth.

She's an arrogant person who spoils the occasional good she seeks to do. Shame on her for her arrogance and hot temper in not giving a civil reply to the officer in the first place. Her greater offense is claiming racial profiling. Bigots of all colors who stir up racial tensions for publicity or to get out of a problem are like someone screaming "fire" in a crowded theater. They distract from the real issues (racial and others) and harm everyone with that selfishness.

Please do not accept this insincere apology from this woman.
Security is so important epecially at this time. Shame on her. She is an embarrassment to the party and to all women

WHAT APOLOGY!!! "There should not have been any physical contact in this incident" Translated He should not have put his hand on Me. I do not hear I SHOULD NOT HAVE SLAPPED HIM. So sorry for your State.. GA. But so very happy she does not represent KY

Interestingly, the important business she conducts for our country includes House Resolution 4968 titled, "Tupac Shakur Records Release Act of 2006," which seeks, "To provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur."

My, what pressing business this model Congresswoman engages in. How on earth could our country function if the "records relevant to the life" of a gang-banging rap thug were to remain obscure? Yes, by all means, let's see his arrest record! I am sure it will illuminate the reasons why he should be nominated for a Nobel-freaking-Peace-Prize.

Cynthia Mckinney has shown extremely poor judgement and arrogance by refusing to wear her pin and by failing to realize that the rules apply to her even though she is black and a woman. If she were my representative, I would be appalled at her behavior and would want to have her replaced by someone who had more sense.

Cynthia McKinney did NOT apologize. She did use the right words but she didnt apologize. She has issue after issue and brings disgrace to the great state of GA. She has done nothing for her constituents except get a few sidewalks and she probably didnt even have anything to do with that. She pulls out the race card everytime she can. Her daddy is a state rep. and she has lived a life of priviledge. The real issue is that Cynthia believes herself above the law. Just looks at the idiots that she surrounds herself with. Just yesterday her body guard threatened to have a WSB reporter locked up for shoving him. I saw the tape and it appeared the bodyguard was the shover and the reported the shove ee. I wish the she and her ilk would sit down and shut up. I listen to black toalk radio and she doesnt seem to have a lot of support for her antics. What an embarassment.

I am amazed by all the people that think they know what happened. I dont know, nor really care, but I get upset that people think they know exactly what happend by reading some paper or watching tv. Give it a rest and let the parties involved work it out!

I think it's wrong to assault someone without provacation. However, in regards to Ms. McKinley's occurrence, I believe that she is right in standing up against a bunch of elistist that are only out for the perks of the job, not the citizens of this country. Wise up! It's hard being a minority in america, when you are constantly being judged by the colour of your skin and not the knowledge you possess. I don't trust any of the representatives on the Hill, they are all a bunch of ... plotting and scheming on the american public while playing golf and having nice trips on the tax-payers dollars. Why don't they arrest and accost some of the white men on the hill who are bigots.

Ms Mckinney is an embarrassment not only to black people but to congress as well. I as a Black male have never been a fan of Ms Mckinney. I dont suppore her, and I definately felt her over-sized ego caused her current problems. For a week she was in denial and trashed the capital police. Does anyone think that the capital police are just goint to accept her non-sincere flimsey apology and just drop everything and forget about it after she trashed them for an entire week? the only reason she retracted is because she heard a grand jury is investigating and shes scared now..well Ms very afraid. The issue is, assault on an officer while he was performing his duties. That is a Charge that can actually turn into a felony if they press. Should they do so. It will serve her right. Right now she is upset with herself for fitting both of her big feet in her mouth. Problem is..she cant seem to remove either foot! Bummer!

Fist of all, I strongly agree with your comment Ed. M; she did not really apologize to that officer. Secondly, the only reason I believe she's "apologizing" is because she realize she could be facing a posibility of being indicted by the grand jury. Just like Candace J. stated, people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the arrogant Cynthia McKinney DO NOT represent the black people (myself included). And to the individuals that think she's a hero, I pity you all. Why is it that liberals always like to resort into personal attacks on anyone they strongly disagree with? I'm yet to find Republicans do the same -- hmmm, showing some class maybe? At any rate, I hope the Federal prosecutor that will be handling this case (if any) have enough evidence to prosecute her. At the end of the day, it all boils down to her arrogance -- hope this will teach a lesson and maybe humble her little (I doubt though).

Cynthia Mckinney keep up the good work

I feel pity for Ms McKinney, I believe that she is out of touch with reality. whether that be Black or White Americans perception of reality. I'm ashamed for her, as it appears that she has no shame herself. It's obvious to the majority of post 9/11 Americans that when entering a governmental facility, you will undoubtly be asked to produce some type of true picture identification. Apparently Ms. Mckinney is either too arrogant,in the belief that a Police officer that must check hundreds of people a day who walk through his post should recognize her by face,or too dim-witted. Either way she does not merit the honor to represent the citizens of the state of Georgia.

I like to watch McKinney get herself out of this grand jury.

Daw365 has not clue what he or she is talking about. Why would the Capitol Police want to target McKinney? It's not worth the effort to put up with baseless accusations of racism.

First, I work on the Hill and I do know what I am talking about.

Maybe the officer should have recognized her, but she honestly does not look anything like the picture of hear that is in the face book provided to Capitol Police officers. These pictures originate from the Members' offices and some members do not routinely update them.

A constant stream of people enter the House office buildings every day. The officers are charged with making sure that everyone who is not a Member passes through the metal detectors. If the officer did not recognize McKinney (and he only had a split second to do so), it was his duty to stop her.

Capitol Police officers take their jobs very seriously, especially since two officers were killed in 1998 when a paranoid schizophrenic bypassed the metal detectors in the Capitol. The one officer never saw what hit him because he was trying to help a visitor go through the detector.

McKinney could have avoided the whole incident by stating, "Hey, I'm a Member." By then, the officer most likely would have recognized here and let her pass. Hitting the officer with a cell phone was a huge overreaction toward someone who was just doing his job. It's like she was looking for a fight.

In addition, there are other Members who routinely get stopped such as Adam Putnum of Florida who is only 31 years old and was 25 when he first took office. At first glance, he could still pass for a college student; people have noted his resemblance to Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show for years.

Regardless of whether Rep. McKinney believed the rationale for the officer grabbing her was just or unjust, her assertion that the Officer "should have" recognized her is unfounded. The House has 535 members currently, assuming each one of these members has 5 staffers (very conservative figure) that makes over 2500+ people walking in and out of the capitol building per day. Now assume that the police force has a rotating force of 1000+ officers guarding Washington, and its surrounding buildings, that makes for near impossibility of identifying people by face, as Rep. McKinney said the Officer should have done. I'm not a mathematician but the sheer volume of people coming in and out, and the sheer volume of Officers makes her claim seem ridiculous to any logical human being. They have pins and ID cards for a reason, and in today's age of terrorism and especially in a city like DC where wackos of all creeds come, the police have to be especially careful.
Frankly any unidentified person, regardless of race, color, age or any other discriminatory distinction walking through into Congress without any ID would get stopped. Any rational person being stopped would say "I'm a Congresswoman" show her ID and move on instead of lashing out and hitting an Officer. At what point was it EVER a good idea for ANYONE of any color to hit a police officer?
This isn't a matter of racism, this is a matter of stupidity, the whole thing is stupid, and I as a minority Democrat am embarassed by the acts of a woman who I give all the credit in the world for becoming a minority woman in a position of power in politics.
Her actions show exactly why racism talks in America have become such a joke. Not every incident in America is racially motivated, and all these "fake" incidents only work to draw attention away from the real problems of race relations in America. If anyone has any intelligent comments to make and want to debate the politics of race or this issue, feel free to email me.

If she's driving and gets stopped by police and doesn't have her license with her, is she going to pull the same clown act?

Hopefully, they'll get photo ID badges and be required to pause in front of the Capitol Police until they are given permission to pass. If someone forgets their ID, another member of Congress should have to sign them in. That's the way it's been in large corporations in need of secure buildings for decades.

I find it ironic that corporate America has tighter security than DC.

Ms. Mckinney sets a bad example for anyone. She showed a complete lack of respect for another human being just doing their job. Obviously her 'Diva' attitude is simply out of control. Is this the message we want to pass along to people? Don't cooperate with an officer, just hit them?? I am really tired of the racist attitude she has also. She is one of the most racist people I know. And the 'victim' attitude is disgusting. She needs to get in touch with reality. I hope the good people of Georgia will elect an individual that has their best interests at heart next time, not a racist drama queen more interested in perpetuating hostility between the races than in her constuients needs.

Ms. Mckinney needs to follow the rules. All of this could have been avoided if she would have simply had on her identification as required. She should be setting examples, not breaking major rules and then using the "race card" to justify it. Shame on her.

Please go to Cynthia McKinneys website and view the paragraph on the first page. She is trying to justify her actions, not appoligize. Also note that many congressmen/women have been stopped, including John Lewis from Georgia. His commment to Cynthia was,
"Just drop this!". She is truly an embarrassment to the state of Georgia and to those who elected her.

McKinney issued a "non-apologetic" apology. Admitting guilt would have been admissable in court, so she couldln't do exactly that. Notice she didn't say, "I was wrong, and I'm sorry".

The people of Georgia deserve better.

What about the way each
of us perceives the way
things are? Some things
we believe are not al-
ways based in fact,but
still this is the way
we see it. Ms.Mckinney
has recently said alot
about the way we all
feel about the war. And
she has been stopped in
the past or something
that makes her feel as
if she's being harassed.
The policeman may have in
mind stop that woman,
it could be he doesn't
recognize her or he's
been told be on the look
out for her in particular
We can't read minds, but
you can get an idea where
Ms. Mckinney is coming
from. Just to say never
hit a cop sounds good.
But there really are
things known to us as
police harassment and
brutality. It may not be
that way for most of us
and even in this situation. For Ms.Mckinney
it still goes to state
of mind. What is her
experience. She could be
wrong and still be right.

So the perk that she doesnt have to pass thru the metal detector isnt enough for her? She expects instantaneous recognition?

From now on, how about EVERONE goes through the gate and shows ID, just like us mere mortals. Problem solved.

Maybe "nation of laws, not men" doesnt apply to the legislative branch.

Well, yeah, McKinney does expect recognition - instantaneous or otherwise. Just how else is it going to work for members and their staff to be exempt from going through the metal detectors if they are not recognized?

The ID pin is generic, not for each person (that is, no name, no photo), and is not mandatory. There is no evidence that McKinney, in bypassing the metal detector, did anything different from what she has done hundreds to thousands of times before, just as thousands of others have done thousands of times before.

If the security system is imperfect McKinney bears some of the responsibility, along with all the members of the Congress - but that's not the immediate issue.

She should not have hit the policeman. Why, though, the Capital Police chose to press charges for this incident is unclear - unless someone wanted to genrate a lot of publicity.

I am a voter in McKinney's district and it is sad to see my Congresswoman choose to hide behind the cover of racism rather than admit fault on her part. There are men and women who suffered a great deal to fight for equality in this nation. To promote this incident as a platform for your fight against inequality makes me livid. These people who have worked so hard to fight for the equal rights of every American do not deserve to have you associate this incident with their cause. Shame on you Cynthia McKinney! Admit you are wrong – show some integrity!

Law enforcement is there to protect us and you as well. If they ask you to stop - do so. If you wanted them to recognize you as a MOC then wear your Congressional pin. What gives you the right to expect them to recognize every MOC. How about you recognize every member in your district?

Don't blame them because they could not pick you out from the thousands of people who enter that building each day.

You are there to represent me and my neighbors not to prove a point that you are better than the Capitol Police.

Ms. McKinney please do the people in your district a favor - loose the chip on your shoulder and if you really want to do what is best – resign.

I lack any representation in the 4th district because my Congresswoman is Cynthia McKinney.

I'm just an average voter. I spent spring break in Washington and was graciously received by our senator. I wanted to see Ms. McKinney and ask her why she brings home far fewer dollars than any other congressman in Georgia.

She is confused in her thinking that its the republicans that dislike her so much; it is her own party. The dislike is shown in subtle ways: Returning as a Freshman, not getting the backing for any bills she presents and receiving only token hand-outs. Bottom line, she is ineffective.

58% of the vote last time from her district? I doubt it. Talk about conspiracies; I believe she paid people to vote for her. Hmmm...

People that hate their fellow constituents so much should not be in office. Our district has much to be proud of and helps contribute to our great nation. CDC and Emory are a few national contributors. We also have issues that need attention, among them, the trends with young black men.

Good bye Cynthia. We do not need you any more.

Cynthia McKinney has taken campaign contributions from terrorist organizations. She has aligned herself with those who spew hatred at America. Cynthia McKinney has been a disgrace to the United States, and a disgrace in the Halls of Congress. Cynthia is NOT what the great nation of America is about. She is, in fact, an imposter. Throw her out.

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