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Bush: Still in California. Immigration speech today.

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President Bush delivers a speech on immigration today, designed to spur the Senate into taking up immigration legislation that derailed just before they left for Spring break. A bi-partisan deal broke down and even with Bush's speech--may be hard to put together again.

The president then flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser for a congressional candidate.

9:10 am THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

PDT Hyatt Regency Irvine | Irvine, California


12:35 pm THE PRESIDENT attends Jon Porter for Congress Luncheon

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino | Las Vegas, Nevada


7:00 pm INTOWN TRAVEL POOL gathers in the Brady Briefing Room


9:00 pm THE PRESIDENT arrives The White House via Marine One

South Lawn, The White House


(Pre-set: 8:00 pm)

1 Comment

I meant to tell you at the Terkel Awards the other day when we were momenarily in the same conversational scrum that I'm glad you're part of "Blogginois" and I follow closely the nuggets you drop here. This Internet thing..there's something to it, don't you agree?
Lynn Sweet reply....
hi eric.....
and good to see you with your banjo the other night........thanks for your note; i enjoy your work, in netland and paper....
.....and i'm pleased to be part of ``blogginois.''
yes, there is something to this!
(this is kinda like hyper IM, yes?)

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