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Bush Day: Easter Egg Roll. Talks taxes on tax due day.

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As I write this, it looks like it may be raining on the White House Easter Egg and lesbian parents have said they will make a point of attending and being a part of this tradition...

Meanwhile, deadline tonight for federal income taxes or extensions....and President Bush talks taxes in Virginia.

The White House has been more aggresive in ``pushback'' on the former generals who have been critical of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld....other retired generals who see how things are going in Iraq more positively are filling op ed pages....

from the White House....
APRIL 17, 2006

This morning, the President and Mrs. Bush will welcome children to the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll – a tradition since 1878.

The President will also travel to Sterling, Virginia to host a roundtable discussion on taxes and the economy. As Americans file their taxes today, the good news is that American workers, families, and small businesses will once again be left with more money in their pockets because of the President's tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003. The President's tax relief has left $880 million in Americans' hands and has helped fuel economic growth that has created over 5.1 million new jobs.

9:10 am:
EST THE PRESIDENT and Mrs. Bush participate in the Easter Egg Roll
The White House | Washington, DC
11:20 am:
EST THE PRESIDENT participates in a Tour of Europa Stone Distributors, Inc.
Europa Stone Distributors, Inc. | Sterling, Virginia
11:35 am:
EST THE PRESIDENT participates in a Roundtable on Taxes and the Economy
Europa Stone Distributors, Inc. | Sterling, Virginia

In His Weekly Radio Address, President Bush Urges Congress To Make The Tax Cuts Permanent. "As many Americans rush to file their income tax returns, President Bush pushed Congress on Saturday to pass legislation to make his tax cuts permanent. 'Monday is Tax Day, and that means many of you are busy finishing up your tax returns,' Bush said in his weekly radio address. 'The good news is that this year Americans will once again keep more of their hard-earned dollars because of the tax cuts we passed in 2001 and 2003.' ... 'Tax relief has done exactly what it was designed to do: It has created jobs and growth for the American people,' he said." (Deb Riechmann, "Bush Presses To Make Tax Cuts Permanent," The Associated Press, 4/15/06)

Industrial Production Rises In March. "U.S. industry headed into the spring with a full head of steam: Production at factories, mines and utilities rose by 0.6 percent in March in the latest encouraging sign for the economy. The snapshot of industrial activity, released by the Federal Reserve on Friday, comes on the heels of other positive economic barometers. Consumers – a key ingredient of the country's economic health – are keeping cash registers busy, and businesses are ramping up hiring, according to recent government reports." (Jeannine Aversa, "U.S. Industry Carries Momentum Into Spring," The Associated Press, 4/14/06)

USA Today Urges Seniors To Enroll In The Medicare Prescription Drug Program Before The May 15 Deadline. "Lacking a deadline, many will be tempted to delay until they need expensive medicines. That can hurt a program that needs the healthy to join so that their premiums can help defer the higher costs incurred by the chronically ill. Also, there's plenty of help available to make a decision now. Social service agencies, state insurance departments and pharmacies are helping seniors navigate the system. More than 1,000 enrollment seminars are held each week. Congress rejected an extension in February. With almost a month to go, it should resist the temptation to change its mind." (Editorial, "Views Of Medicare Plan Shift," USA Today, 4/17/06)

Writing In The Wall Street Journal, Former Generals Praise Secretary Rumsfeld's Effectiveness As Secretary Of Defense. "Despite criticisms, Mr. Rumsfeld is arguably one of the most effective secretaries of defense our nation has ever had. Under his watch, the U.S. military has been transforming; it brilliantly deposed Mullah Omar's barbaric Taliban regime (Osama bin Laden's sanctuary) and Saddam Hussein's ruthless Baathist regime, freeing 50 million people from oppression and placing the countries on democratic paths. With these actions, terrorists have been denied secure home bases. These are a few key factors why terrorists have been unable to attack the American homeland again. The policy and forward strategy implemented by Secretary Rumsfeld has taken the fight to the enemy as did the nation in World War II and the Cold War." (John Crosby, Thomas McInerney, Buron Moore And Paul Vallely, Op-Ed, "In Defense Of Donald Rumsfeld," The Wall Street Journal, 4/17/06)

Iraq's Ambassador To The United States Discusses Political Progress In His Home Country. AMBASSADOR SAMIR SUMAIDAIE: "I have good reason for optimism. First, there is total consensus that whatever government emerges will be a national unity government. By definition, this means that the government that everybody has a stake in and everybody supports. In this process, it is complicated, of course, and there is a lot at stake. … The important thing, Wolf, is that whatever government, even if it takes a little longer, and I know there is a lot of suffering, there is a lot of frustration. But the government that will take over for the next four years has to be acceptable to all communities in Iraq. And I believe we are close to that." (CNN's "Late Edition," 4/16/06)

Iraqi Troops Look Beyond Ethnicity. "The ranks of blue clad police recruits marched back and forth across the sun drenched parade ground near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, as a camouflage-clad army drill sergeant barked orders at them. At the Kirkuk Regional Training Center, the Iraqi Army is taking part in building the local police force in addition to training army recruits from all over the country to fight for Iraq rather than their individual ethnic or sectarian background. 'We look at them all with the same eye, we don't see their ethnicity,' said Iraqi army colonel Jassem Ali Khalil, who almost single-handedly developed the training center." ("Multi-Ethnic Drill Sergeants Give Unity Lessons To Iraqi Recruits," Agence France Presse, 4/16/06)

President's Radio Address

In Focus: Jobs And Economy
President Bush Expresses Full Support, Appreciation For Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

In Focus: Defense
President And Mrs. Bush Release 2005 Tax Return

Vice President Cheney And Mrs. Cheney Release 2005 Income Tax Return

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