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Weekend update: Chicago’s Susan Werner at Wolf Trap

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Before I get too deep this week into the serious issues this blog covers, this musical note from your Chicago-centric blogger.

I went to hear singer-songwriter Susan Werner at the Barns of Wolf Trap on Saturday, a musical venue sort of like Ravinia in the Virginia side of the Washington D.C. suburbs.

Werner, whose repertoire ranges from Cole Porter to contemporary folk, is a North Sider and a Cubs fan.

At the piano, Werner started singing one of her tunes, ``Give me Chicago Any Day,’’ her response to ``I’ll Take Manhattan’’ by Rogers & Hart.

``The `L’ train, that’s a swell train,’’ Werner crooned.

But a few people in the audience called out when she got to this line, `Who cares about the White Sox, nobody at all.’’

They just don’t understand diehard Cubs fans.

Sang Werner, ``The Second City is second to none, Give me Chicago any Day.’’

Said Werner, when we talked, ``I want to play it for the mayor.’’

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