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Who should replace former City Clerk Jim Laski who admitted taking bribes: Name your choice


From today's Sun-Times:
Former City Clerk James Laski pleaded guilty Friday to taking bribes in return for steering Hired Truck business to friends.

Help Mayor Daley name a replacement for Laski.


Ernest Wish...former interim City of the classiest and most honest people I know.

It doesn't matter most of these people in City Hall are crooked one way or another.

Hey, I'm not doing anything for the next 4-10 years

Daley will appoint some crony, maybe Daniel Solis, whose primary job will be to support Daley and not the taxpayers.

William"Dock"Walls....Bright, intelligent, articulate, honest and foward thinking. Which is probably why he wont get it

1st Dist St. Rep. Susana Mendoza. Straight forward, shoots from the hip, will tell you like it is. Honest, a good legislator does her job well and is hispanic and a woman. has bright Ideas and communicates well with "EVERYBODY" not just hispanics.

Boguslaw Stefanski, an honest Polish politician

Garry Meier - I think he needs the work.

Why Not Noelle Brennanan
Shakman Moitor honest attorney well known by the court's system

Why look for someone to replace. Let's have an election.

State Representative Susanna Mendoza. she's a pistol...

Ray Wardingley, He used to be a Clown

I voted for Laski because I thought he was honest. Politics corrupt everyone.
You either go along with the Daley dregs or you stop trying to make Chicago a better place. What we need to do is replace Daley

What about Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown? An excellent choice!

Mick Jones or Randy Aderman

I like Susanna Mendoza as well. She is a very bright and articulate public servant. She satisfies the desire to see a minority take the seat- hispanic AND woman. I'm not too sure, however, what her ties might be to the ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT HDO (hispanic 'Daley' Organization). If she doesn't get it then I enthusiastically support Mark Brown.

He should choose Paul Vallas from Philadelphia

Hopefully not a lawyer.

Is Flip Wilson still around?

There are a lot of Catholic priests out of work -- maybe one of them would be interested.

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