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Wes Clark, Madeleine Albright: Featured at House, Senate Dems national security event today.

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I'll be at a breakfast briefing Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi were I figure they will want to talk about their rollout today of their national security proposals.

This from the Dems:
Washington, D.C.-House and Senate Democrats will hold a major event today at 1 p.m. to unveil the comprehensive Democratic plan to protect America: Real Security. Despite their tough talk, Republican's incompetence has made America less safe. Democrats will offer tough and smart policies to provide the real security that Americans expect and demand.

WHO: Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Senator Jack Reed

Congressman Ike Skelton

House and Senate Democrats

General Wesley Clark

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State

Joe Wynn, the National Association of Black Veterans

Harold Schaitberger, President, International Association of Fire Fighters

WHAT: Announcement of Real Security, the comprehensive Democratic plan to protect America

1 Comment

Caught about 15 minutes of the fanfare for the roll-out on C-Span. Harry and the gang stressed the usual: 1) current administration is incompetent, 2) there is no leadership, 3) the Democrats' approach will be "tough and smart".
They once again (and again and again) praised our military for their efforts in a misguided war.
Wait a minute - I think I just saw Hillary at the end of the very last row. Hmm, funny she wasn't in front doing her bobble-head impression.
How come we didn't hear from Kerry nor Biden nor Feingold?
The Democrats had 8 years to get tough and smart.

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