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Towards Tuesday: On Saturday, 6th cong. district and some GOP gov hopefuls to march at big St. Pat's parade in Elmhurst. Blog milestone....this is Blogger Sweet's 100th posting!


Open line night at the blog......

Tomorrow, your blogger Sweet will be covering all the pols at the St. Patrick's parade in Elmhurst....

And this is blog entry 100!
I'm going to celebrate by hoisting a decaf diet cola later tonight.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Am back in the newsroom working on column now.
From the Elmhurst parade.......... 6TH CD---- Dem candidates Tammy Duckworth, Christine Cegelis and Lindy Scott marched under sunny sky in parade. GO hopeful Peter Roskam said he's eager to take on Tuesday's winner.

Republican governor candidates at the parade--Judy Topinka, Jim Oberweis and Ron Gidwitz. Oberweis was handing out 2 for 1 coupons for stuff at his ice cream stores.


"I'm going to celebrate by hoisting a decaf diet cola later tonight."

That is just so sad...


It's not so sad! It's great stuff!.

Saw you on TV last night and I would have to agree with your compatriate - I find those ads insulting to women about what a good husband she has ( I can' t recall the candidates name) and that this fact should somehow appeal to women...
BTW - you look great !!!
Best regards,

note to readers
this is in reference to the GOP congressional primary in the 8th district where the frontrunners are kathy salvi and david mcsweeney
the candidate ad mentioned above is for david mcsweeney.

I find it sad that a woman is considered "insulting" for pointing out virtue and honor in her husband's character.

This is too funny: Duckworth robo-calls Cegelis's campaign office! Quite a campaign Rahm has going for her!:

I took the Duckworth robocall at the Cegelis office today. It was pretty entertaining to hear her say that she will "fight against special interest groups and beltway insiders". It's pretty hard to do that when you're accepting loads of cash from them!

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