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Towards Tuesday: Who won 6th CD matchup last night on WTTW? Duckworth, Cegelis or Scott? Open comments on other primary contests


Open for business......


Did you see the Channel 11 show Chicago Tonight? I agree with Scott. Only he can beat Roskam. Tammy is really a puppet of the Democratic machine and Christine is too extreme for the district. How can they both be against parental notification and hope to win over the parents in the district? Scott favors parental notification with judiciary bypass for the tough cases. That is just common sense.

i don't think anyone won.

i do think tammy lost -- not by anything she did, but because rahm emanuel was brought up by the moderator as tammy's political sponsor. (am i the only one who wonders what's all the excitement about?) but at least she didn't stumble through this "debate."

even if scott has the potential to beat roskam -- and i think that's questionable -- he doesn't have the political experience or organization necessary to compete in november. he *may* get the latino vote (a group that generally does not vote), but what else?

it seems to me that both scott and duckworth are counting on a huge crossover vote. did anyone mention to them the republican governor's race -- the most exciting race on the ballot!

christine cegelis did what she was supposed to do. she connects with the voter, is not some media-created mythical figure -- she is the "every voter." great job!

I thought Cegelis was the clear winner. She was poised, confident, and good on the issues. Those who favor parental notification are more concerned about the parents than the child. Many of us who did have good relationships with our parents would do anything not to disappoint them. Remember Becky Bell. Cegelis is right "I wouldn't bet my daughter's life on it."

I thought Cegelis was the clear winner. Here's why:

Duckworth needed to distinguish herself from the other candidates. If anything, she made a point to highlight how she was just like the other candidates. She didn't really present anything new, and instead focused on what everyone already knew about the race.

Her issue answers focused on issues that are not key to the district or to Democratic voters like the AMT and donut issues that appeal to GOP voters or a smaller population of voters.

She also noted she would support who ever won the primary.

This allowed Cegelis to highlight that she was from the district, did a great job last time against Hyde, and had already earned more votes than there were registered Democrats. She was able to highlight that she was a known quantity with a known track record. Since there is safety in a known quantity, and uncertainty in Duckworth, this was to Cegelis' advantage.

Also on issues, Cegelis focused on the number one issue right now in several elections: education. She tied her issues directly to the district locally, mentioning local referendum and displaying her understanding of NCLB at a level many teachers understand it.

When addressing the district demographics question, Duckworth highlighted Roskam, not herself. Cegelis highlighted how she was having a coffee at thrown by a Republican supporter in Hyde's own building in Wood Dale today. Again, directt ties to district.

Duckworth IMO needed to set herself apart. Cegelis as the front runner only needed to stand toe to toe on the issues. Duckworth did not set herself apart. Cegelis did.

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