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Towards Tuesday: Illinois Primary Robo Calls. ``May I ask who is calling?''


Hearing voices on the line, from candidates or their big name surrogates?
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) may be phoning you urging a ballot Tuesday for ailing Cook County Board President John H. Stroger Jr..

Between now and the close of polls on Tuesday, a lot of you will be getting automated phone calls reminding you to vote in the Illinois primary. They are often called robo calls with robo short for robotic.

Who's calling?


Just a quick technical note--the RSS feed isn't working for me--the tech people might already know this, but I'm a big RSS reader user so I thought I'd mention it.

REPLY from lynn: and the rss feed is....

I couldn't believe it when I got a robo-call from Dick Durbin in support of John Stroger! Plus I heard Bill Clinton is now campaigning for Stroger.

At least now Forrest Claypool and Christine Cegelis have something in common -- they both have Dick Durbin and one of the Clintons campaiging against them. What is even more ironic is that former Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel is supporting Forrest, and working against Christine. What strange bed-fellows politics makes!

I got a call Saturday morning (as I getting ready to leave for the day's antiwar marches and rallies) from Bill Clinton (automated, of course) urging me to vote for John Stroger.

It's directly below the Obama Report--it syndicates the stories on your blog (and other feeds do it for the entire paper).

Individuals can subscribe to it and with a reader the headline and teaser are downloaded automatically--that way its far faster than visiting the page multiple times during the day--the tech guys will know what you mean if you say the "atom syndication feed is broken".

It really makes my life easier with all of the blogs I keep track of during the day.

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