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Read for yourself: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton slams President Bush in appeal for money for Dem Senate campaigns


Using tough language aimed at President Bush, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton(D-N.Y.) signed a fundraising letter today for the Senate Democratic campaign operation.

Dear Supporter,

You and I know that America needs to change direction - and the American people know it too.

Our nation has faced serious challenges before. Every single time, we rolled up our sleeves, got to work, and overcame the obstacles before us.

Not this time. Because of incompetence, ideology or influence - and sometimes all three - George Bush and his Republican allies won't do anything to effectively reduce health care costs or to make energy more affordable. They won't make the investments in education we need to prepare the next generation. After ignoring the warning signs of Hurricane Katrina, they have all but ignored the plight of the people of New Orleans. And as we have just seen in the debate about port security, they have failed to do everything in their power to keep America safe.

With the Bush administration refusing to address the serious challenges facing our nation today, it's up to Democrats to act. Electing a Democratic Senate as soon as possible is the best way to hold George Bush and the Republicans accountable for their actions and push them to change course. That's why I'm asking you to make an immediate contribution to the DSCC right now.

Click here to make a secure online contribution of $50, $75, or more. The DSCC will put your contribution to work right away in our campaign to get America going in the right direction once again.

I believe that a Democratic Senate can and will take on these tough challenges and succeed, but there's no way we can do it without your help. The latest polls show that we can win in November, but the DSCC needs your support to make sure our candidates can compete with their Republican opponents on a level playing field.

The DSCC continues to play its unique role in that mission, watching every race every day and directly coordinating with the Democratic Senate candidates who need it the most.

The DSCC faces a crucial end-of-quarter fundraising deadline on March 31. The only way to beat the Republicans in November is to raise $500,000 online and make sure the DSCC's fundraising beats them this quarter. It's an aggressive goal, but our Democratic Senate candidates will need every last dollar in order to respond to the character attacks and media distortions that are sure to come. If we're going to be ready for the challenge, we need your help right now. Please make a contribution before it's too late.

Click here to make a secure online contribution of $50, $75, or more. The DSCC will put your contribution to work right away in the campaign to get America going in the right direction once again.

Let me be frank. We still have a lot of hard work to do between now and Election Day. But if we fail today to make the investment necessary to put our candidates in position to win, it won't matter how hard we work in November.

I know that Democrats like you are ready to stand up and take on these tough challenges. Together we will meet our goals today and take our country back tomorrow. Together, we can succeed in making health care affordable and available for every single American. We can make sure that every single child has a world-class education and the opportunity to make it in today's world. We can do much, much more to keep America safe.

The DSCC cannot do it alone, and failure simply is not an option. Please act today.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

P.S. I know you have friends and family who feel as strongly as we do that we need a change! Please forward this message to them and ask them to join you in making an immediate investment in our country's future.

Click here to make a secure online contribution of $50, $75, or more. If you contribute today, you'll bring us that much closer to reaching our end-of-quarter goal and beating our Republican opponents.


Nothing new in her comments. Healthcare, energy, education, Katrina, and the ports.
But notice how she doesn't provide a plan and/or the steps she would take to accomplish. This is just your run-of-the-mill Bush bashing.
Just send us your money and we'll take care of changing the direction of the country. Whatever that direction is.


Mrs Clinton My President Mr Bush has done great things for this nation. He has helped our education with no child left behind, and you had 8 years with Mr Clinton to solve health care and did nothing. He has brought reform to every area of our country that was needed and has done it well and has kept us safe also. Being I am a democrat for 33 years I still see nothing the democrats can do for me or have ever done, that he has not already done for me and my family. Thanks but NO thanks, I will continue to support our president and the republicans. He has 3 more years to complete his work he set out to do and I choose to give that to him.

Finally someone has the nerve to call President "Smirky" Bush on his ineffectual governing abilities (or lack thereof). Thank you Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!
Wouldn't it be a welcome change to have a President who has a brilliant mind and a compassionate soul. Love her or loathe her, everyone has to admit that she is highly intelligent and more than capable to run this great country! Run Hillary!!!!!
America needs someone like you! It will take someone like Hillary Clinton to restore dignity into the Oval ironic, wasn't that what Georgie boy was supposed to do...very interesting.

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