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Pelosi: Congress needs ``to work five days a week.''


After next week, Congress goes on break for two weeks for the Easter recess.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at her briefing today called on Congress to log more hours in Washington.

Said Pelosi, `` The American people have uncertainty about their economic situation. There's a middle-class squeeze on. There's uncertainty about access to health care and whether they can afford it. The cost of higher education for their children, the flat purchasing power of the minimum wage -- they expect Congress to do something that is relevant to their lives. They have to work five days a week. I don't know why we shouldn't.''

`` I just don't think it's right. It's -- we are a nation at war. We have serious -- again -- concerns over the kitchen table on America's families, and we should be here.
And there is really -- the do-nothing Congress that Harry Truman ran against so many years ago met more than this Congress is scheduled to meet this year, and that -- and we haven't even seen how many more days they're going to take off the schedule.''


A day without Nancy is incomplete. Some day, she is going to say something that will truly inspire me to see the errors of my ways and succumb to her well thought-out arguments.
But, that's not today.
What is keeping her from the 5 days a week? Or, is this just grandstanding (Heaven forbid) for the folks back home?
Nancy, your plea will fall on deaf ears. Your fellow politicos have their own agendas. Book tours, junkets, etc.

A five day work week is what American families work. And many have two jobs. What's good for American families should be good for Congress. That includes our President. With all their preaching about "American values" the Republicans have omitted the most American of all values, the work ethic.


two years sure changes things, doesn't it?

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