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More on 8th CD: NRCC hits Bean for taking money from Barbra Streisand. Independent in 8th race appeals to Cegelis voters in 6th.


Lots of cross pollination going on.

from the NRCC

Melissa Bean Leans on Barbra Streisand for Campaign Cash

Democrat Bean takes $1,000 from liberal activist and songstress from bygone era

WASHINGTON – Recent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) reports show that Democrat Rep. Melissa Bean is really searching for new sources of campaign money.

Her newest supporter? Left-wing activist and 1970s icon Barbra Streisand.

Most recently, Streisand published an article on her website claiming President George W. Bush "lied" to the public about the War on Terror, and that he "ignored clear warnings" about impending terrorist attacks before 9/11.

The article was made prominent in the national media not only for its irresponsible content, but also for its multiple spelling errors.

"Melissa Bean's crumbling coalition required a step toward the bizarre — taking money from Barbra Streisand," said National Republican Congressional Committee press secretary Jonathan Collegio. "Rep. Bean is now seeking to milk the Democrats' favorite cash cow, the liberal Hollywood Elite. If Melissa Bean agrees with even half things spewed by Streisand, voters will know the truth: that Bean is far too liberal for Illinois' Eighth Congressional District."


Bill Scheurer Comments: Christine Cegelis vs. Democratic Party Machine

Congressional candidate Bill Scheurer of the Illinois 8th District released the following statement in wake of the Illinois 6th District Democratic primary on 3/21:

Christine Cegelis vs. Democratic Party Machine

By Bill Scheurer

To all my friends who supported Christine Cegelis in the Illinois 6th Congressional District primary race -- my heart goes out to you and your candidate. You carried out a great grassroots campaign -- both, locally and nationwide. You brought out our best. Unfortunately, our best was not enough.

In a mere three months, the D.C. Dems -- with the full party apparatus -- brought in nearly a million dollars, and all their big names, to beat back what Christine and her supporters had built up over three years: a true grassroots, progressive force. The D.C. Dems’ worst nightmare. Or, more accurately, their second worst nightmare.

What do the D.C. Dems fear more than a grassroots progressive primary challenge? A grassroots progressive challenge in the general election. The only thing that can put at risk what they value most -- winning, no matter what.

This is the only way progressives will have real power -- when we are willing to go outside the party, no matter what, to carry our issues and choices to the people. Only when the Democratic Party elite can no longer count on us to fall in line behind their handpicked candidates as “the only game in town��? (“the lesser of two evils��?), will we ever seize real power to move forward the progressive agenda.

Progressive Democrats of America was one of the groups that most valiantly supported the Cegelis campaign. PDA professes to have an “inside/outside��? strategy. Their support for Christine reflected the “inside��? part of this strategy. Now, I ask PDA -- is there really an “outside��? part of this strategy -- or, is this just a phrase?

Democracy for America also supported Cegelis, to their great credit. Now that the D.C. Dems have showed clearly what they really think of progressives -- eat at the children’s table, kids -- we must decide what to do about it. Will groups like PDA and DFA remain quasi-auxiliaries of the Democratic Party -- running sideshow campaigns in the primary elections? Or, will they become a real force -- holding real chips in the game?

It is time for supporters of social progress and peace to eat at the adults’ table. The only way to do this, is to start running progressive candidates in the general elections.

Bill Scheurer edits The PeaceMajority Report, and is an independent progressive candidate for U.S. Congress in the Illinois 8th District.


Is Mr. Scheurer an agent of the Republican Party or just someone who didn't have the guts to go up against Bean in a primary?

Progressives in IL-8 may not work their tails off for Bean this year like they did in 2004, but I'm sure they're not stupid enough to split their vote and allow the Republicans to take back the seat. Comparisons of legislative votes consistently show that in today's polarized House, the "worst" Democrat is still better than the "best" Republican on issues that progressives care about.

Primaries are about influencing who the nominees will be, but the general election is purely about ending 12 years of Republican mis-rule in the Congress. Republicans will not bring our troops home from the Civil War in Iraq and they won't stop spending money we don't have, giving huge tax breaks to multi-millionaires and allowing foreign interests (the ones assuming all our debt) to buy up our counrty from our ports to our weapons plants!

If this is all the NRCC can come up with, I'd say it's happy days are here again.

I'm not quite sure how people feel about Barbra Streisand -- I'll eternally condemn her for implanting that horrifying song "Memories" into my mind. But certainly this crime pales in comparison with Republican contributers like, er, Jack Abramoff.

Jonathan Collegio needs to get a grip. Taking money from the "Hollywood elite" trumps taking money from the morally corrupt Abramson-DeLay cabal.

On Cegelis' loss, us progressives in Texas (we do exist) are truly saddened. Shame on Emanuel, Clinton (ugh) and Schumer, and the great dissapointment, Obama, for having brought in a ringer who didn't even live in the district. These people are ruining the party, or what remains of it. That said, shame on Duckworth, who clearly benefited from the synmpathy vote (I am a vet, by the way), and who, in my view, allowed herself to be used.

I contindue reading Chicago papers as I have many fond memories of a great city, and am interested in seeing it free itself from the grip of Republican dominated suburbs who are represented by hypocrites like Hyde.

Jesus B. Ochoa, El Paso, Texas, ND '56

Jim in Chicago, I disagree with your assertion, that the "worst Democrat" is better than the "best Republican". It is a false choice akin to preferring an accomplice to murder to the actual triggerman.

We as a people are getting killed---

And while this mow down of lives, fortune, morality, principles and heritage continues at the hands of Republicans, DC Democrats merely tisk as they step over the carnage.

Who is better? Those who fight.

Jay Bagi
San Francisco

why would you waste your time by posting this crap?

Let's be clear about who wrote the top post: the NRCC is the National Republican Congressional Committee. It's the official campaign organization of the RepubliCrook party.

They can't get it through their heads that Bush DID lie to the American people, Congress and the whole world -- about being unprepared for 9/11, about spying on law-abiding citizens, about the Iraq war and WMDs, about environmental destruction, about raiding the treasury for the benefit of the super-rich, about Hurricane Katrina, about not finishing his military tour of duty, and about too many other things to mention.

But he didn't lie about sex! So that makes it all OK to the right-wingers.

Your attack on Melissa Bean as being too liberal is bizarre, to say the least. Congresswoman Bean is as Republican as you're going to get in a Democratic politician. She voted for the scurrilous Bankruptcy "Reform" Act and for tht sell out to big business known as CAFTA. This is another example of how no attack is too low or contradicted by facts for the Republicans if they think it will work. Perhaps this will teach Congresswoman Bean who her friends actually are.

Please for the love of God,

Please look at the voter files for this district. It went for bush by 12 points, it's never had a Democratic rep elected.

This isn't a fucking cornicopia of liberalism.


Alright... Don't go bitching about Bean not being far enough left.

Look run a left canidate, get 30 percent of the vote and elect Dennis Hastert as speaker. Because Bean's first vote will be for: Nancy Pelosi.

We all know that. So for the love of god, why would run a liberal so a moderate R can get elected to rubber stamp the Bush Admin and vote for Denny?



I agree, that the lesser of two evils is still evil. I realize that the only way the people of this country will win back their democracy is for progressives to 'take the hit'--be willing to lose in the short run in order to win in the long run. The Dems are merely Republican Corporate Lite--they will never represent the working people and the middle class ever again. More importantly, the two party system has to go. It only safeguards the status quo, and all other democracies worldwide have multi party, proportional voting. Let's face it--with 'winner take all'--everyone else loses.

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