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UPDATE: SENATE IMMIGRATION PANEL APPROVES 3 DURBIN AMENDMENTS. Senate showdown on Immigration: Durbin amendments to pending bill strips away criminal penalties.


The Senate is focused on immigration this week.
The Senate Judiciary Commitee is ``marking up'' an immigration bill this morning. Senate floor debate is expected to begin tomorrow.
President Bush is attending a naturalization ceremony.
(To mark up means the committee is deciding on contents of a bill to be sent to the Senate floor)
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) this morning is trying to get in the measure an amendment to prevent criminal penalties filed against people who provide humanitarian assistance to illegal immigrants.
UPDATE: Near 10 a.m. Chicago time, Durbin passes amendment.
UPDATE 2: NEAR 6 P.M. Chicago time. Durbin passes 3 amendments.
1. takes away criminal penalties to humanitarian workers helping illegal immigrants.
2. strips away other criminal penalties in House version of bill.
3. to include provisions in the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, a narrowly-tailored, bipartisan bill that would provide immigration relief to a select group of students who grew up in the United States, have good moral character, and are pursuing a college education or have enlisted in the military.


Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release March 27, 2006

Event Backgrounder:

The President makes remarks at a Naturalization Ceremony


Established by the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the Office of Citizenship (OoC) is primarily responsible for promoting a better understanding of citizenship rights and responsibilities and for enhancing the meaning and value of the naturalization process. Naturalization ceremonies such as this take place across the country and welcome 600,000 new citizens each year.

Candidates for naturalization are lawful permanent residents who have applied for citizenship and who have met the requirements of the law, including passing an English exam, a civics exam, and undergoing security checks. Thirty permanent residents from all over the world will be naturalized at this ceremony. The permanent residents will become citizens upon taking the Oath of Allegiance, which will be administered by Dr. Emilio Gonzalez, Director of Untied States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Tsion Adane (Ethiopia)

Farzana Alam (Bangladesh)

Samuel Baiden (Ghana)

Rajdeep Bhaduri (Bangladesh)

Jaspreet Brar (India)

Afshan Chaundhry (United Arab Emirates)

Arshdeep Chhina (India)

Suguna Chirla (India)

Tatsiana Commette (Belarus)

Con Dinh (Vietnam)

Susy Barrera Escobar (Guatemala)

Diana Frahmand (Afghanistan)

Zorayd Galloway (Philippines)

Bhaskar Gudimetla (India)

Qiong Huang (China)

Marie Ingram (France)

Da Seul Kim (South Korea)

Ozra Fathi Koohi (Iran)

Naresh Kumar (India)

Zeeshan Mian (Pakistan)

Ramtin Nazari-Kangarloo (Iran)

Veronica Pacheco (Bolivia)

Adel Sanad (Egypt)

Idalia Morataya Sanchez (El Salvador)

Dennis Serapio (Philippines)

Maisoon Shahin (Kuwait)

Sravan-Kumar Sunku (India)

Mi Yoo (South Korea)

Katherine Valasquez (Peru)

Boddu Venkatesh (India)

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"lessen the penalties for humanitarian assistance"?
The ACLU lawyers will have a bonanza defining what "assistance" is. Hopefully, not what "is" is.

Durbin obviously cares about the illegal immigrants and supporters in this country. It would be nice if he showed as much compassion and understanding for his constituents and the voters of this country.

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