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Illinois House Races: Internal GOP memo on 6th cd, 8th cd. NRCC SENDS OUT SLAM ON DUCKWORTH. DCCC HURLS HIT ON MCSWEENEY


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wakes up late today, just sending out a missive against investment banker David McSweeney who is taking on Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) in the 8th congressional district. This will be one of the biggest races in the nation this November.


A memo from the National Republican Congressional Committee highlights the potential impact of an independent on the ballot in the 8th congressional district where Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) will face a challenge from investment banker David McSweeney.

It's a storyline the NRCC has been pushing for several months--but got little traction--because of the bigger story of the GOP primary between McSweeney and Kathy Salvi. The NRCC wants to build up Independent Bill Scheurerto siphon votes from Bean.

McSweeney's winning team:
campaign manager: Jim Thacker
media consultant: Anthem
finance director: Lori Montana
deputy campaign manager: Stephen Rossi
office manager: Sheila Morgan
senior advisor: Charlie Johnston
aide and tech whiz: Drew Veeneman

UPDATE: Release from 10th CD Dem new nominee Dan Seals pitted against Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R-Ill.).

UPDATE...This missive just landed from the NRCC

Welcome to the Race, Tammy! Now, How Would You Vote?
Democrat congressional candidate in IL-06 narrowly wins primary. Republicans ask how she would vote on 10 issues in Congress

WASHINGTON – Now that she's the Democrat nominee for Illinois 6th Congressional District, Tammy Duckworth will presumably tell voters where she stands on the issues. After all, elections are built upon the issues most important to each congressional district.

“Since Tammy Duckworth is asking voters in the 6th District to allow her an opportunity to be their voice in Congress, she should let the voters know now how she would vote on ten important issues for the district that came up in Congress last year,��? said National Republican Congressional Committee press secretary Jonathan Collegio.

Below, the NRCC has provided “yes��? or “no��? options for ten roll call votes from the first session of the 109th Congress.

“Tammy Duckworth should tell voters if she would have voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on each of the ten votes,��? Collegio added. “Voters are waiting for the answers.��?


Death Tax Repeal (RCV#102)

Flag Burning Prohibition (RCV#296)

Medical Liability (RCV#449)

Lawsuit Abuse Reduction (RCV#553)

Tax Relief Extension (RCV#621)

Victory in Iraq Resolution (RCV#648)

Defense Appropriations (RCV#665)

Energy Reform


Patriot Act


Border Security (RCV#661)


This is the NRCC memo
To: Interested Parties
From: Carl Forti, Communications Director
Re: Illinois Primary Results
Date: March 22, 2006


Illinois held its Congressional primaries yesterday. The GOP is poised to hold on to all nine of its Prairie State seats and unseat the most vulnerable House Democrat in the country.

IL-06 (OPEN)

State Senator Peter Roskam is well-positioned to keep the Sixth District in the GOP column.

Roskam went unopposed in the GOP primary, and reported $806,928 cash on hand as of March 1. That figure, substantial in its own right, does not take into account nearly $270,000 Roskam raised this month at events featuring Speaker Dennis Hastert and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Rep. Henry Hyde, who has represented the Sixth District since 1975, endorsed Roskam last summer, saying that he "fits my specifications for a very able successor ... He is an energetic, compassionate, sensitive person." (Associated Press, 8/4/05)

Roskam will face Major Tammy Duckworth, the Democrat nominee, in the November 7 general election. Duckworth's margin of victory was slim: she outpolled '04 nominee Christine Cegelis by just over 3%.

Indeed, Duckworth has weak grassroots support in the Sixth District: she does not live in the district and has raised about 2% of her itemized contributions from there. (Associated Press, 3/17/06)

History. The Sixth District was carried by President Bush in 2004 and 2000 with 53% of the vote both times.

Geography. The Sixth Congressional District is made up of the west Chicago suburbs and includes O'Hare International Airport. Most of the district is in DuPage County, the second largest in the state.

IL-08 (Rep. Melissa Bean, D)

David McSweeney is primed to pose a formidable challenge to freshman Democrat Melissa Bean.

In a spirited six-way primary contest, McSweeney secured the GOP nomination with 42.7% of the vote.

McSweeney, who received the primary endorsements of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Northwest Herald, reported $523,248 cash on hand as of March 1.

In addition, the Barrington Hills investor has been endorsed by several leading Republicans, including Rep. Ray LaHood [IL-18], former U.S. Sen, Peter Fitzgerald, and former Chicago Bears Head Coach Mike Ditka.

Another factor to keep in mind is the potential presence of a left-wing Independent, Bill Scheurer, on the general election ballot. Scheurer, who lost to Bean in the Democrat primary in 2004, has received $10,000 in contributions from the Machinists and Teamsters Unions. (The Hill, 3/15/06)

History. Congresswoman Bean represents one of 41 Democrat districts that went to President Bush in 2004. The President carried IL-08 in 2004 and 2000 with 56% of the vote both times.

Geography. The Eighth Congressional District is located in the northwest Chicago suburbs and includes parts of Cook, Lake and McHenry counties. The Eighth District is also home to Schamburg, one of the country's major corporate cities.

Statewide Roundup

The following incumbents and candidates are set to appear on the ballot in the November 7 general election:

IL -01: Rep. Bobby Rush (D), Jason Tabour (R)

IL -02: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D), Robert Belin (R), Anthony Williams (Libertarian)

IL -03: Rep. Dan Lipinski (D), Ray Wardingley (R)

IL -04: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D), Ann Melichar (R)

IL -05: Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D), Kevin White (R)

IL -06: (OPEN) Peter Roskam (R), Tammy Duckworth (D)

IL -07: Rep. Danny Davis (D), Charles Hutchinson (R)

IL -08: Rep. Melissa Bean (D), David McSweeney (R), Bill Scheurer (I)

IL -09: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D), Michael Shannon (R)

IL -10: Rep. Mark Kirk (R), Daniel Seals (D)

IL -11: Rep. Jerry Weller (R), John Pavich (D), Jamie Mock (Green)

IL -12: Rep. Jerry Costello (D)

IL -13: Rep. Judy Biggert (R), Joseph Shannon (D)

IL -14: Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R), John Laesch (D)

IL -15: Rep. Timothy Johnson (R), David Gill (D)

IL -16: Rep. Donald Manzullo (R), Richard Auman (D)

IL -17: Rep. Lane Evans (D), Andrea Zinga (R)

IL -18: Rep. Ray LaHood (R), Steve Waterworth (D), Richard Rawlings (Marijuana)

IL -19: Rep. John Shimkus (R), Danny Stover (D)
From Dan Seals spokesman Patrick Mogge
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Statement from Dan Seals:

This is a fantastic victory for our campaign and a great first step in taking back the Tenth. I am honored to be the Democratic choice to represent our district.

I'd like to thank all of my supporters who worked so diligently for this victory. I think we ran a great campaign. I would not be standing here today without the tireless effort and commitment of my volunteers, or without the contributions of the supporters who believe in our message.

I appreciated the opportunity to debate the issues with Zane Smith and applaud his campaign effort. I hope that we can work together to unite the Democrats in the district. I'd like to ask his supporters to join forces with our campaign to fight for a Democratic victory in November.

Now it's time to move forward. We all believe that this is a winnable seat for a Democrat. The 10th District has voted Democratic in every presidential election since Bill Clinton. All but one of our elected officials are Democrats. This is a district ready to be represented by a Democrat in Congress. Tenth District Democrats and Independents are tired of being represented by a man who votes 90% of the time with President Bush, Tom DeLay and the Republican leadership. It's time for a change.

I'm proud to be your choice to take this fight to Mark Kirk. It's less than eight months until Election Day. There's a lot of work to be done before then and many, many challenges ahead. We know this won't be easy, but we also know our commitment to change burns bright. We have a real chance to take this seat. In the coming months, more and more people will join us in realizing that Illinois' 10th District is in play. Together, we will win this battle and restore trust and accountability in Washington.



Trifecta for the GOP Congress in November:

In the 10th, Mark Kirk has nothing to worry about from 9th District resident Dan Seals. Another Democrat without a base.

In the 8th, welcome Congressman McSweeney. Even without a leftist independent on the ballot, Bean will come back home to live in the 10th District next year.

In the 6th, hello Congressman Roskam. Also without a base, little Tammy can go back to her home in the 8th District and write letters to Congressman McSweeney.

The GOP may be bruised from the Gov primary, but for Congress they are all behind their candidates, unlike the Democrats fighting with the City of Chicago Daley machine. Good luck!

For those who are so confidant that Roskam, McSweeney, and Kirk can win I wonder what issues they feel that those three will break with President Bush on. He did not get much over 50% in any of the three districts in 2004 and now has a national approval rating in the low-30's. I encourage those three Republicans to show that they will support President Bush on every issue; maybe they can even bring up gay marriage as an issue.

Certainly the issue won't be the Iraq War that is lasting until at least 2009 according to the President.

I bet they could win on a platform of increasing pork spending. 355 needs an extra lane.

DuPage and north suburban Cook County need "no tax and spend" conservatism. Some of us will be dead before the government goes into default.

Maybe these Congressman can renew the debate on evolution. I know a lot of people in Schaumburg that think the dinosaur bones are fake.

mcsweeney would drill for oil in the great lakes? bye bye Dave....thanks for coming...

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