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Dean of Chicago Political Reporters to Retire: All the best to Dick Kay

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The end of an era is coming.

Dick Kay will retire June 1 after a long career of covering Chicago politics.

Just got this e-mail from Dick.

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I thought I would let my friends and family know I have formally applied for retirement. I asked H&R to draw up papers for a June 1 out date..and have fomally notified my News Vice President I will retire then. February marked my 46th year in broadcasting and May 8 will mark 38 years at NBC5. I will stop and smell the roses as they say. I have made no plans so don''t ask what I plan to do. The quickest answer is "nothing."

I hope to take some time off to wind down and then consider any new opportunities. And if there are no new opportunities thats ok too.

Imagine doing nothing after a lifetime of work which began with a shoeshine stand at Daniel Boone's restaurant in Evansville, Indiana.

I can't imagine it.

There will be time for sentimentality later. Right now I just wanted all of you to know that after considering this for 8 years I have set the date.

Dick Kay Snodgrass

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