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Dana Reeve: Pols react to death of ``Superman's Widow''


React to the death of Dana Reeve, 44, the widow of Christopher Reeve, from cancer. From Democrats Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry (she endorsed his presidential bid) and Howard Dean


Statement by John Kerry on the Passing of Dana Reeve

"It is impossible to put into words the quiet strength and incredible
courage Dana Reeve demonstrated in the way she lived her life. With
Chris, she gave voice to a movement to find life-saving cures and
promote medical research, and when she lost her inspiration and love she
didn't stop the fight. Only days after Chris' death she continued to
give hope to millions of Americans. She was an inspiration to me and to
us all. Chris was America's superhero, and Dana became our hero, too.

"Teresa and I loved them both, and we are deeply saddened by Dana's
passing. She was a steadfast partner to her husband, a loving mother, a
talented artist, and an amazing caregiver who showed incredible grace
fighting for her husband and then for her own life. Will, Matthew and
Alexandra will be in our thoughts and prayers."

# # #

Howard Dean Statement on the Passing of Dana Reeve

Washington, DC – Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean today issued the following statement on the passing of Dana Reeve:

“Today, I join millions of Americans in mourning the loss of Dana Reeve. Dana and Christopher Reeve were tireless advocates for people with disabilities. Their activism and passion were an inspiration to millions. Together, they sent a powerful message that Americans who fight for what they believe in can change our country.

“Reeve's courage in the face of her husband’s struggles was matched by her grace in confronting her own illness. The sudden, tragic loss of such an effective champion and committed mother is made all the more painful by our thoughts of those left behind. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Reeves' children and the rest of her family.

“In this time of great sadness, we owe it to Dana Reeve to recommit ourselves to the cause she so eloquently championed. The best way to honor her life is to continue fighting to ensure that we do everything possible to realize the full promise of scientific and medical research.��?


Washington, D.C. - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the
following statement this morning on the death of Dana Reeve:

"Today I offer my heartfelt condolences to Dana Reeve's family and friends.
Her death, coming so soon after the death of her husband Christopher, is a
source of deep sadness for so many - both to those of us who knew her, and
those who admired her work and her values.

"Dana Reeve used the great personal challenge of her husband's paralysis to
work so that other families would not have to endure the same pain. By
bringing hope to the sick and disabled with the miraculous potential of stem
cell research, she has helped to continue the mending and renewing of the
world that is possible through science.

"I hope it is a comfort to the Reeve family that so many people share their
loss and are praying for them at this sad time."

# # #


Washington, DC-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid released the
following statement today on the passing of Dana Reeve.

"Today, we mourn the passing of Dana Reeve-a devoted wife, a loving
mother, a tireless advocate on behalf of individuals with spinal
paralysis, and a talented singer and actress. I met Dana during one of
her frequent visits to Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of the
Christopher Reeve Foundation. She was an articulate and passionate
voice for a wide range of issues that affect individuals with paralysis,
from quality of life issues to stem cell research. Dana will be
remembered not only for her activism, but for her devotion to her family
and her uncommon strength and grace in the face of adversity."



What a sad time for the children of Dana and Christopher Reeve -- my heart goes out to them. I will remember them lovingly in my prayers. B.D.

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dana Reeve, it is truly a tragedy. Their young son Will is in my thoughts, I can't imagine the grief he is living with at such a tender age.

I met Chris Reeve at a Turkey Dinner near Woodstock, VT about 15 years ago and he was such a nice person. His wife seemed to be a lovely person too. My thoughts/prayers are with their children.

I was shocked and heartbroken to learn of Dana Reeve's death. How sad for her young son. The country has lost a tireless advocate for medical research into spinal cord injuries. Sadly this wonderful woman died of a form of cancer that could easily be wiped out if everyone would face the facts about second-hand cigarette smoke and admit that smoking is lethal to EVERYONE.

I remember watching Dana throughtout the years on TV & being such motivation for her husband Christhoper. Her last interview on GMA truly mirrored her strong will to live and her loving personality. May she rest in peace and may her zest for life continue in her children.

I believe God, had very special plans, For Dana and Chris. Because they lived...they left our world a betterplace. I like to think they are now one.

I am deeply saddened ta the passing of Dana Reeves;truly a beautiful person and a dedicated,loving wife and mother.Her children are in my prayers.May she dance in Paradise.

What an incredibly inspiring woman Dana Reeve was - may her spirit soar.

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