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Cheney's Hotel Room Checklist: Fox News. Diet Sprite. And keep the lights on for him.


Cheney's travel checklist: Fox, Diet Sprite

When an uproar developed after Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend hunting, he gave Fox News the exclusive interview to explain what happened.

Now it turns out that Cheney really likes the news at Fox -- so much so that when he travels, the television at his hotel room needs to be turned on to Fox when he arrives.

This and more comes from a typed memo obtained by The Smoking Gun Web site, which specializes in digging up original documents.

Here's the list.

Vice presidential spokesman Jennifer Mayfield confirmed that the memo, titled "Vice Presidential Downtime Requirements,'' was accurate. Cheney travels a lot, Mayfield said, and volunteers who help him need some guidance.

Here's what you need in a room for a Cheney stay:

*Queen or king bed.

*Temperature 68 degrees. All lights turned on.

*TV turned on to Fox News.

*Decaf coffee, brewed prior to arrival.

*Four to six bottles of bottled water. If Lynne Cheney along, two bottles of Calistoga or Perrier.

*Diet Caffeine Free Sprite, four cans.

*And a handwritten addition for newspapers: the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and local papers.


What's the big deal? Don't you think the hotels want to accommodate their guests? Especially a Vice President or other high-ranked official?
The citical "rub" here is the reference to Fox, of course.
This isn't news; it's a feeble atempt to, once again, take a jab at the administration.

So Dick Cheney likes the TV tuned to Fox News, etc. So what?

Did he also demand "No brown M&M's?" This observation from "The Smoking Gun" is almost as bad as the criticism aimed at President Bush when just before his first campaign for the presdidency in 2000, he admitted that he has never seen "Sex in the City" or whatever that show with horse-faced girl, Mrs. Matthew Broderick, is in.I believe the show is now in re-runs here on Channel 9.

Blah, blah, blah, so what blah, blah, blah. More little pee-ons who are non-existent in Cheny's world sticking up for him. What a shame!

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