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Blagojevich: Challenges Topinka to 10 debates.

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From the Gov. Blagojevich campaign....

Governor Blagojevich issues debate challenge

Governor urges Judy Baar Topinka to agree to series of ten public debates beginning next month

Chicago -- Governor Rod Blagojevich challenged opponent Judy Baar Topinka today to a series of ten public debates to compare their records and discuss the important issues facing the people of Illinois. Governor Blagojevich wrote to Topinka today to extend the invitation.

“The voters of Illinois would benefit from a series of debates where they can hear our positions on important issues. The people of Illinois should see for themselves where we stand, what we’ve done and where we want to lead our state,��? Blagojevich wrote.

Governor Blagojevich emphasized that he wants to begin the exchange of views early in the general election campaign.

“Today I propose to you that we have 10 public debates, beginning in April, with approximately one per month to start and with greater frequency as the election draws near. I see no reason to crowd these important debates into September or October. The voters will benefit from an exchange of views and the sooner the better,��? Blagojevich wrote.

Governor Blagojevich’s campaign will contact Topinka’s campaign to discuss the details of the series of debates. The Governor hopes that Topinka will agree to the ambitious debate schedule and that they begin in April.

“From providing access to preschool for every child in Illinois to raising the minimum wage, Judy Baar Topinka and I disagree on issues that matter to working families. I believe people in every part of Illinois should hear us debate the key issues and the conversation should begin soon,��? Governor Blagojevich said.

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1 Comment

Why would Topinka debate Blagojevich? The Governor is far more impressive in this setting and there's not much of a difference between the two when you come down to it.

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