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6th CD race: Rep. Henry Hyde predicts ``bloodbath'' to replace him. / He meets today with Condi Rice


I was in the Capitol this morning and ran into Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) as I was leaving to cover a press conference over at Democratic National Committee headquarters featuring the two Democrats who head the House and Senate political operations, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Hyde, as some of you may or may not know, gets around now mainly in a wheelchair.

His decision not to run for another term is triggering the big race in the 6th Congressional District for a rarely open seat.

He continues to preside over the House International Relations Committee as its chairman. Yesterday, he ran an oversight hearing on U.S. policy towards Iran.

Hyde told me he has meeting scheduled today with Secretary of State Condi Rice. She is coming to Capitol Hill to seek Hyde's support for President Bush's Iran next steps on dealing with Iran.

I asked what he thought of the upcoming general election to fill his seat. It will be a ``bloodbath,'' he said. I asked his guess for winner of the three-way Democratic primary. He figured Tammy Duckworth would win. In the end, he said the district is just too Republican for any Democratic to prevail and predicted his replacement would be state Sen. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) who will be the GOP nominee.


I don't think it will be a bloodbath until the Demoratic establishment decides to support Cegelis because she has the grassroots support and is a better fit for the district. It really seems like Durbin and Emanual are using a wounded veteran for political purposes and should stay out of a DuPage County Democratic Primary and be ready to help in the General election.

Hyde is deeply out of touch with his district. When he finally comes back here (if he does), he'll need to flash his credit card like in the old commercial. "Do you know me?"

I like Tammy Duckworth's take on the issues. She seems to have a better understanding of the realities than her oponent in the primary.

Christine Cegelis wrote a letter in the local Elmhurst paper supporting the referendum to raise taxes for the local school district. In the letter she states "Unfortunately, school districts like District 205 are forced to seek public approval of referenda.."

Apparently Ms. Cegelis feels that the taxpayer should just hand over the money and shut up. I'm not supporting anyone yet in this race but I do know that someone with a tax and spend attitude will never get my vote.

You've taken the Cegelis quote out of context. Cegelis is referring to the fact that school district have to ask residents to approve referenda rather than have the cost of unfunded mandates imposed by the Bush administration paid for by the Federal government.

Insinuating that Cegelis is for unilateral tax increases by school boards is disengenious.

Ken Dietz,

There's no such thing as a free lunch... too bad too many people don't really understand that.

Investing in your local schools, parks, libraries and other "amenities" can only help improve not just your family's future but also (if you want to talk numbers) your home's value. If your community doesn't invest in its own children ... who will?

Now, like any investment voters need to be sure that the local school board and managing staff is using the tax dollars wisely -- but I'm sick of hearing retirees (not saying you're a retiree) complain that they sat in a class with 40 other kids and came out just fine. They probably also were blessed with being able to work at the same company their whole life without fear of having their job exported to India or China.

Welcome to 2006 -- as communities we sometimes need to invest in ourselves to improve our communities' futures.

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