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6th CD look ahead: Clinton, Cheney intervene in Illinois contest


Sunday, Democratic congressional primary candidate Tammy Duckworth to New York for a day of fundraising capped by an event headlined by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)

Monday, Vice President Cheney to suburban Addision to keynote funder for GOP congressional candidate Peter Roskam


FEC numbers:

% of contributions coming from within IL-6:

Cegelis 64%
Duckworth 1.5%

That pretty much sums up the race, doesn't it? Read all about the FEC filing here:;jsessionid=AF31B5006FFFA338807567B917943773?diaryId=1358

When I saw this headline on the sidebar of another page at this side, I was thinking that this was in the GOP primary for another district - the one with Kathy Salvi, David McSweeney, et. al. But that is the 8th District, I believe... This is one where there is only one GOP candidate, and where our party has a strong shot of picking up a House seat.

Our party picking up a seat? Sorry, I was thinking once again about the 8th District, where we do have the opportunity to recapture this House seat.

In the 6th, we will need to focus on retaining the Congressional seat. But I wish that Henry Hyde was going to stick around... He's one of the most respectable members of Congress, someone who is willing to work with everyone, while at the same time, speaking out about important issues. I wish he would stay in office, for awhile longer.

Longtime blogger Bob Brigham poses the question, who's the REAL "fighting Dem" in IL-6? It's a great read:

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