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6th cd Cegelis letter to supporters: ``You proved something.'' She wishes Duckworth luck. ``She's going to need it.''


Dem 6th cd nominee Tammy Duckworth called Christine Cegelis
this morning.
`` I spoke with Tammy this morning and wished her luck. She’s going to need it. Because she’s going to be running against the full force and weight of the Republican Party – not just Peter Roskam, but Dick Cheney, George Bush, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman and every other Republican leader and every Republican dollar they can get their hands on.''

(corrected from earlier version)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LOMBARD – Democratic Congressional candidate Christine Cegelis issued the following statement this morning to her supporters. It was posted on her web site ( and sent via email.

First, let me say how much I appreciate every single one of you who have been part of this amazing journey. The hours that you put in, the energy and enthusiasm you brought to this campaign, the affection that you showed me, the encouragement, the prayers, and the trust that you placed in me.
It’s been an incredible experience – for all of us. The fact that we’re all still standing after everything that we’ve been through together is a miracle in itself.
But the biggest miracle of all is you. Whatever the numbers show, you have won. Some of you didn’t even know each other a few months ago. Some of you have never been involved in a political campaign in your life. Some of you felt disenfranchised or ignored or you just had no faith in the political process. Some of you were there two years ago when I ran the first time, and you’re still here.
All of you – old friends, new friends, good friends, best friends – all of you proved something over these past many months. You proved that you are a political force to be reckoned with, and anybody who ignores that fact does so at their own peril. You sent a loud and clear message to the Republican Party and to the Democratic Party.
The Republicans had better watch out in November. And the Democrat leadership had better recognize right now that the real future of this Party isn’t going to be determined in Chicago or in Springfield or in Washington.
You and everyone else who’s been part of this campaign and who voted for me – YOU are the future of the Democratic Party, and you are the best hope that this nation has to reverse all of the wrong directions that we’ve been going in.
I spoke with Tammy this morning and wished her luck. She’s going to need it. Because she’s going to be running against the full force and weight of the Republican Party – not just Peter Roskam, but Dick Cheney, George Bush, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman and every other Republican leader and every Republican dollar they can get their hands on.
It’s not going to be easy. Compared with the general election campaign ahead, this primary campaign was a walk in the park. I had hoped that I would be the one walking out of that park and into the general election, but I wasn’t.
I was ready for it…I was ready for anything – because I had you behind me. For that, I will be forever grateful and forever deeply and sincerely amazed.
We can’t let whatever it was that brought us all together to somehow get lost or fade away. It was special and it was important because it was real people, average Americans, men and women young and old, with the unmitigated audacity to believe that this was their Congressional District and their country. Imagine that: people trying to take control of their government.
It’s still our District, and it’s still our country, and, at least on paper, the government still belongs to us. We have to take it back. If not this time, next time. If not then, then the time after. Until then, whenever it is, we just have to keep working at it because if we don’t take control, someone else will.
I love all of you, but even more than that, I admire you and I respect you. Let’s not lose what we’ve found. It took too long -- far too long -- to find it in the first place.
Thank you. For everything.
# # #


The big winner last night was Barack Obama. It was his endorsement, TV ads, etc. that clearly made the difference for Duckworth, who needed every penny that Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, et al., raised for her to win.

Hopefully Barack will begin to realize that it's Rahm Emanuel who needs HIM, NOT the other way around. When Barack threw his lot in with Emanuel's candidate and against the progressives, she barely squeezed out a victory despite spending $600,000 against an underfunded opponent. When Barack teamed up WITH progressives AGAINST the Democratic Party machinery in the Treasurer's race, his candidate (Giannoulias) won in a cakewalk. Hopefully Barack will notice the difference.

I hope also that Barack will pay heed to so many of his strongest original supporters who expressed displeasure with his choice in the 6th District race. Progressives are on the rise in the Democratic Party. DLC toadies like Emanuel are going to find it harder and harder to win (now they have to go back to all those donors and explain that Duckworth needs money AGAIN because she had to use every penny they gave before to win her primary). I hope Obama chooses wisely whom to side with in the future!

The problem is Obama endorsed Alexi whose bank has loaned millions to Mobsters with his father at Broadway bank. Alexi will not even be on the fall ticket. He is a liablity and that is why Mike Madigan did not endorse him

P.S. It occurs to me that this is a lesson Obama should have already learned: After all, he won his own primary in 2004 by teaming with progressives against the Democratic Machine!

Congratulations to a veteran. Party affiliation means very little if anything to me, but congratulations to a purple heart winner and potential representative.

One of the things I did today was call the felony review board to review the reckless homicide charges brought against someone. I was at IIT when this student was there and the school would frequently serve alcohol at many events. There were parties with free alcohol from 9-12am. Like the wrongful conviction projects at NU and Amnesty International, I argued that the person was influenced by the environment at the school. They frequently served alcohol which might have influenced what happened to him.

We will see what happens.

I do not know if he was even convicted back in 2000. I got the story from the Tribune.

Like this democratic person said, we all try in our own bizarre ways.

James T. Struck


You can fool some the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

I guess all of the people do not fear their committeeman like you do Lynn. Told ya.


from Lynn.. i don't get your reference to committeeman

I think that Kim David Gilmore's "committeemen" comment is in reference to the fact that citizens who cast Stroger votes basicly signed their right to vote for Board President away to their committeemen.

I guess he is saying that "all of the people" don't mind voting to blindly endorse whomever the committeemen decide to select when Stroger finally steps aside. But that doesn't sound like a 21st century democracy to me.

While I like and respect Christine I will not support duckworth in the general. I've always considersied myself a life long democrat but I will never vote for obama or durbin again. I will probably vote Topinka and maybe even roskam. They just lost a voter and a voice.

Giannoulias will be there in the general -- these allegations seem weak to me, unproven, the desparate measures of a failing campaign. We've seen them before in many races . . . if they get proven to have some substance independently, of course, that's a different matter.

Christine Cegelis is a class act. It certainly wasn't the predicted cakewalk for Duckworth; I hope that the strength of Cegelis' base of support makes the Dem Establishment re-think some of their tactics and ideas about who can and can't win.

Lost in all this political discussion is the obvious: the Cegelis statement Lynn reprints above shows just what a class act Christine is!

Oh, and the slurs against Giannoulias are uncalled for. The very newspapers that investigated the allegations against his family found them untroubling enough to endorse Alexi. Sorry, nothing to see there....

I have read a couple blogs today from groups that I formerly supported and I am so upset.

Nothing about the 6th district race was “progressive��?. Let’s not kid ourselves, Tammy Duckworth was a candidate of the “democratic machine��?. The scariest thing to come out of this race is that Rahm Emanuel was able to prove that all you need is lots of money and some big names like Obama and Durbin and you can get anyone elected. How sad is that for our party?? Is that a very progressive thing to praise?

Christine Cegelis ran a spectacular campaign. She proved herself as a viable and relevant candidate against Hyde in the last election. It was a slap in the face to have those men back someone else because Christine does not take orders. I am so disheartened by the lack of party support for her. She fought the more impressive battle and deserves the right to be our candidate. She is a class act and I have been honored to spend many weekends helping to get the word out about a really worthy candidate.

I lost my respect for Rahm a few years back. Obama and Durbin will NEVER get any money from me again. I doubt I will give to the party in general any more because I don't feel like I can trust them at all. My money will have to go to Christine-like candidates that stand up for us...not Rahm and his cronies.

Christine did a great job against Hyde last election, getting 44% in such a Republican district. But she lost to Hyde. Christine lost the primary batte to Duckworth. We need to win this seat and need every progressive pulling for Duckworth. If Bush says we won't pull out of Iraq while he is president, we have to try to make him unpresident. One of the things I couldn't help but notice at the ballot box was how many Dupage County positions, and the 28th State Senate and 56th State Representitive, had no Democrat on the ballot at all. Christine, there are other positions you could run for. Can the Dupage Democratic party still nominate people?


Please note that Duckworth supports Bush's "we can't pull out of Iraq" position. Note also that Rahm is encouraging Democrats NOT to make an issue out of opposing Bush on Iraq. I leave it to you to decide if that's a coincidence.

Christine Cegelis, of course, supported John Murtha's call to bring the troops home.

A vote for Duckworth is a vote for the DLC. Count me out. It is the DLC and their destructive economic policies that have inflicted so much damage to our economy.

Shame on Durbin for bragging about how much money was raised for Duckworth. A few weeks ago, he was testing out the idea that we should have publicly funded elections. The very idea that outside money ($800,000?) had to be raised and used to just barely beat a grassroots candidate is disgraceful. What were the establishment Democrats afraid of?

I will never vote for Duckworth and have lost all respect for Durbin. But I will vote for Blagojevich. His program to provide health insurance for every child in Illinois and his insistance that pharmacists do their jobs are more than enough for me to decide that he is a keeper. I will judge each politician individually.

Too bad that Rahm Emanuel and the entire Democratic party establishment decided to stab Christine Cegelis in the back. Had they given here just the tiniest amount of support she would have walked with it, of course. And against Roskam in the general I fear that the Duck will get pasted.

Oh, well.

The DCCC can forget about me ever contributing or volunteering again. I am not a Democrat the way most Republicans are bonded to their political affiliation; I choose to be a Democrat because the Dems are closer to my progressive ideals than any other party with a slim chance of winning. This business of slamming a progressive candidate just because she wouldn't march to the DCCC's orders is outrageous. The Dem establishment has lost a tremendous base of high-energy support in the IL-06 because of this shortsighted and fratricidal action.

I am disappointed in the Democratic leadership for not supporting Christine Cegelis. However, they will have my reluctant support across the board in November because I refuse to support or vote for any Republicans while Bush and his gang run that party. How many Bush Administration and RNC officials have to be indicted before they qualify under the RICO organized crime laws? I hope Cegelis supporters will vote against the Republicans in the fall even if they don't feel motivated to vote for Ms. Duckworth.

Betrayal by our own Democratic Party is tough to take. Cegelis is a class act as been so aptly applied to her. Many of us left of center Democrats are now supporting only those candidates that are one of us. No more sending money to the DCCC, or DLC'ers...
that help too many Republican light democratic candidates. We want the real deal!

It is time for those of that are real Democrats to take back the party. Those of us who do the grunt work during the campaigns because we remember what the Democratic party once stood for . . .it is well past time to purge the party of all the Republican-lites, DINOs, and Republican enablers. the republicans spent almost 30 years in the wildnerness purging their party of the "liberal" elements and refinign their message. . .it is time for us to do the same. . toss out the Rahms, Bidens, Clintons, etc and elect real progressives

DCCC do not understand grassroots people.
They are not mindless followers.
They are not materialistic supporters
They are not buyers into marketing campaigns.
Let's see how grassroots’ souls will respond in November.
As Howard Dean said, "We have the power to take back our country and it will happen one conversation, one action, one vote, one candidate, and one committed American at a time.��?
Here's to the many ones.

i would like to that the Illinois senators for forcing me to finally abandon the Democratic party, a weak, version of the RNC. I will not support Duckworth. I am going to vote independent, even if it means a vote for Roskam. Thank you screwing the 6th district over, DICK!

I am very disappointed in the Democratic Party overall this year. More and more it seems to me that the party is run by and for the benefit of entrenched pols like Daley and the Washington Insiders. The ONLY reason I will be giving a contribution to the DNC this year is because of Howard Dean. At least he is trying to give a voice to the party grassroots. Democrats are never going to win if they run the party as basically the political mechanism for those wealthy interests that are shut out of the Republican Party. We voters are more and more waking up and realizing that the politicians are supposed to be working for us, not the other way around. I will never vote Republican, but that does not mean I have to vote for or support a particular Democratic Candidate (that means you gov) in November.

The point of the hurt that is evidenced by some of the posts on this blog is that Rahm, Durbin and the DLC need to do more to encourage Christine supporters to stay in the fold than they are. They underestimated the strength of Christine and her supporters, and unless they want to look like fools in November, need to do more to mend fences than say "It's my way or the Highway" in a district that still leans a little right. Jim is more right about Obama than Jonas is about Alexi, but it just goes to show that the "Machine" or the "Combine" needs to do a little more listening and a lot less 'big-footing'.

I am so sick and tired of the allegations against Mr. Giannoulias and the loans that Broadway Bank made to an alleged mobster. When a person requests a loan, no part of the application states that you need to list arrests or convictions. Loans are made on paper and if it is a sound investment then you will receive the loan, the end! I think that we should be looking for the corruption that is going on now in office and stop digging where there is no more dirt.

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