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Veep Shooting React...Rahm Emanuel tells McClellan: ``Good night and good luck''

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This just in....
At the beginning of each day the House is in session, lawmakers can go to the well of the chamber to deliver brief remarks. This morning around 9 a.m. Chicago time, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), took on White House press secretary Scott McClellan over remarks made in a briefing about Vice President Cheney's accidential shooting of a hunting companion.

McClellan has been trying to sidestep questions from reporters about Cheney's accidential shooting of a friend by changing the subject.

Emanuel, a veteran of the Clinton White House--and no stranger to being in a White House under siege-- took McClellan's comment that ``we're moving on'' and ran with it.

Emanuel speaks wearing two hats: as a North Side Chicago lawmaker and the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic House political operaration.

Noted: Hometown papers are not mentioned in Emanuel's comments, cited below.

Emanuel's remarks:

"Mr. Speaker, yesterday White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said,
quote, 'we're moving on to the priorities of the American people. That's
our focus.'

"Well, Scott, here are the headlines my constituents care about...

"Ex-CIA Official Says Iraq Data Was Distorted" - New York Times, 2/11/06

"General Says Training of Iraqi Troops Suffered From Poor Planning and
Staffing" - New York Times, 2/11/06

"White House Knew of Levee's Failure"- New York Times, 2/10/06

"Brown Faults White House and Agency for Poor Response" - Washington Post,

"Doctors and Pharmacists Say Medicare Benefit Limits Drugs for Seniors" -
New York Times, 2/14/06

"Government Will Forgo $7 Billion in Oil and Gas Royalties" - New York
Times, 2/14/06

"Bush Budget Would Kill Popular Health Projects" -Washington Post, 2/14/06

"Government Was Underpaid $345 Billion" - Washington Post, 2/15/06

"The American Bar Association Says Bush Exceeded His Constitutional Powers
in the Surveillance Program" - AP, 2/14/06

"Washington Lobbyists spent $1.16 billion in the First Half of 2005 Lobbying
the Congress" - Wall Street Journal, 2/14/06

"Photograph Shows Jack Abramoff with President Bush in May 2001"- Time
Magazine, 2/20/06

"Iran Restarts Uranium Program" - Washington Post, 2/15/06

"Scott, if you're listening, the American people are ready and waiting. And
as they say in the news industry, 'Good night and good luck.'"


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You mean "Here's the headlines my compatriots in the news media are assisting my party with in our non-stop attack on the administration."

Where's the headline I'm interested in? Rahm Emmanual makes millions as private citizen assisting companies in downsizing employees.

I really love these headlines. "Whitehouse knew of Levees failure."

Duh, it was on TV.

Where's this headline.

Louisiana and Congress do nothing for 25 years and finally a big hurricane comes and swamps the city.
If congress was not going to act, and they didn't why didn't Louisiana do something? Because they are .. stupid? Chicago once had a problem with flooding and sewage. We jacked up the city where it was low and reversed a river. ( and put in water treatement stations)

If you have a problem fix it. Instead they sat there and waited for someone else to do it. And it will happen again, perhaps this year. And it could have happened when Clinton was in office and it would have been just as bad then because until someone changes the way New Orleans is protected it will remain vunerable.

Texas almost lost an Island in the Fall hurricanes. The timing of the landfall saved it.

This says the entire gulf coast is woefully unprepared for weather and the people who live there need to do something. That's the story, not blame the white house.

All Emmanual wants to do is elect more Democrats. Ask him, he's an honest guy, he'll tell you that.

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