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El Senador: Obama in Spanish version


Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) delivered the Democratic Hispanic radio address today, in Spanish.
Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor told me that Obama can get by in Spanish. Text of message and translation, click here.

El Senador Barack Obama (D-IL) Emite el Mensaje Hispano Semanal/Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) to Deliver Democratic Hispanic Radio Address***ENGLISH AND SPANISH VERSIONS INCLUDED***

El Senador Barack Obama (D-IL) Emite el Mensaje Hispano Semanal

Este es el texto del Mensaje Hispano Semanal, emitido esta semana por el Senador Barack Obama (D-IL). Este texto está embargado hasta las 11:06 a.m. del sábado 25 de febrero del 2006 (ET). El audio, también embargado hasta las 11:06 a.m. de la misma fecha, puede ser obtenido en:

"Buenos días, soy el Senador Barack Obama de Illinois.

"Estoy seguro que en las últimas semanas usted ha oído que hay que limpiar la corrupción en Washington. Usted habrá escuchado de las reformas de cabildeo, el proyecto de la Calle K, de Jack Abramoff y de los políticos corruptos.

"Pero estos escándalos van más allá de los viajes o regalos caros para los legisladores Republicanos. Lo que más ofende de estos escándalos es que no solo son moralmente ofensivos por parte de los políticos, sino que también llevan a la creación de leyes moralmente ofensivas que son malas para los trabajadores de los Estados Unidos.

"En las últimas semanas, hemos visto un presupuesto que otorga siete mil millones de dólares a las empresas petroleras, cuando a las familias no les alcanza para pagar por un tanque de gasolina o para la calefacción de sus hogares.

"Hemos visto acuerdos secretos que le dan $22 mil millones a la industria médica, cuando cuarenta y cinco millones de personas en los Estados Unidos no tienen seguro médico y millones más no pueden pagar sus cuentas médicas.

"Hemos visto miles de millones en préstamos para estudiantes eliminados cuando cada año cuesta más ir a la universidad.

"Por eso hoy la gente no confía en Washington. Esto es lo que los ofende moralmente. Y esto es lo que necesitamos eliminar.

"La Ley del Liderazgo Honesto y Gobierno Transparente de los Demócratas, ayudará a evitar abusos al cerrar la puerta que permite que legisladores y su personal dejen sus empleos para irse a cabildear, sin informar al público.

"Asegura que las reuniones de comité de conferencia donde se incluyen en secreto medidas para los influyentes, estén siempre abiertas al público.

"Evita que los cabilderos busquen favores de los legisladores a través de regalos o viajes. Y crea una Oficina Independiente para la Integridad Pública para que se cumplan estas reglas.

"En el discurso del Estado de la Unión del Presidente, él habló por cuarenta y seis minutos, pero sólo le dedicó sesenta palabras a las reformas de ética. Esto es inaceptable.

"Necesitamos un compromiso serio con las reformas. Es hora de limpiar Washington de una vez por todas.

"Soy el Senador Barack Obama de Illinois. Gracias por escuchar."


"Good morning, this is Senator Barack Obama from Illinois.

"Over the last few weeks, I'm sure you've heard a lot of talk about cleaning up the corruption in Washington. You've heard about lobbying reform and the K Street project and Jack Abramoff and corrupt politicians.

"But there is more to these scandals than expensive travels or gifts to Republican lawmakers. What's truly offensive about these scandals is that they don't just lead to morally offensive conduct on the part of politicians; they lead to morally offensive legislation that hurts hardworking Americans.

"In the last few weeks, we've seen a budget that gives seven billion dollars to oil companies at a time when families can't afford to fill up their gas tanks or heat their homes.

"We've seen secret deals that give $22 billion to the health care industry at a time where forty-five million people in the United States have no insurance and millions more are struggling to pay their medical bills.

"We've seen billions in student loans slashed at a time when it's getting harder to attend college.

"This is why the American people don't trust Washington today. This is what's offending them on a moral level. And this is what we need to clean up today.

"The Democrats' Honest Leadership and Open Government Act will help curb these abuses by closing the revolving door that allows lawmakers and staff to leave their jobs to go lobby without disclosing it to the public.

"It makes sure that those closed-door conference committee meetings where special interest provisions are secretly slipped in bills are forever open to the public.

"It stops lobbyists from currying favor with lawmakers through gifts and trips. And it creates an independent Office of Public Integrity to carry out these rules.

"In the President's State of the Union address, he spoke for forty-six minutes before he finally dedicated only sixty words to ethics reform. This is unacceptable.

"We need a serious commitment to reform. This is a time to clean up Washington once and for all.

"This is Senator Barack Obama from Illinois. Thank you for listening."



Is this pandering???

America should stop fawning over hypocritical Mr.affordable health care Senator Barack Obama. He stays quiet while the not-for-profit hospital that employs his wife has made $96,424,000 in profits over the last year, without paying a single dime to locally under funded schools. They mark up the cost of drugs by 538%, and their CEO Michael Riordan received an increase in his total compensation of over $1 MILLION in just 24 months! Democrats complain about Enron type scandals and say they are for affordable health care. Why not ask him about this?

For a non-native speaker of Spanish, Obama does a credible job with this speech. Only, the rhythm and some of the accents are way off at times. Clearly he did not write the speech. Was Obama really the best the Democrats could find to deliver a speech in Spanish?

I still think that if official language is English there is no need to spend so precious time on translating speaches into Spanish.

Thanks to Obama, Spanish radio listeners will be free


Go Obama Go! I heard the radio en vivo at and I am likely to vote you next November!

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