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What's a lover of pop starlets to do?


In making plans for this Friday night, Chicago concertgoers had a real dilemma -- likely depending on their age. It's the ultimate pop tart showdown: Britney Spears in concert at the United Center vs. Katy Perry at Allstate Arena.


The two music stars are only three years apart in age, though Spears has nearly a decade on Perry in the pop consciousness. They haven't crossed paths much creatively, though the Internet is currently buzzing with rumors that a remix of Spears' latest single "I Wanna Go" will appear next month featuring guest vocals by Perry.


Here's a look at the match-up:


The verdict: If you had to choose, I hope you chose Perry. She actually sings, she's fresh, and her current album is chock full of catchy tunes that put Brit-Brit to shame. See you tonight at Allstate!



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