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Milton Bradley works on his birding skills. (Photo courtesy SeattleDawg18)

Milton Bradley, maybe you vaguely remember him bringing his unique skill set to the North Side Nine last season, is playing his part to perfection once again.

Just a few weeks ago, the explosive former Cubs outfielder equated himself with the likes of Kanye West and Ron Artest as baseball's bad boy:

"If I was a musician, I'd be Kanye West. If I was in the NBA, I'd be Ron Artest. In baseball, they've got Milton Bradley. I'm that guy. You need people like me, so you can point your finger and go, 'There goes the bad guy."

OK, Milton. What finger were you talking about pointing again?

Bradley, now blessing the Seattle Mariners with his talents, didn't waste any time getting into the controversy column this season. During a game Friday night at the Texas Rangers, also a former home for the hot-headed one, Bradley was caught on camera answering fans' taunts with a bird flip. The Dallas Morning News' Rangers Blog reports on the incident, which apparently was scrubbed from the tape-delayed broadcast.

Milton was unavailable for comment after the game and Mariner's manager Don Wakamatsu could only muster what will be the first of many "no comments" this season.

So, if you're keeping track, Bradley now has one finger flipped on the season, matching his hits through Friday night. Serendipitous.

Cubs fans, you're gonna miss the big lug this season, aren't you?

Screen shot 2010-04-04 at 2.35.42 AM.png

It's always nice to see Dwyane Wade make a stop in his hometown of Chicago, but this might be a little over the top. Wade and the Miami Heat were forced to make an emergency landing at O'Hare International Airport early Sunday morning when a member of the cockpit crew went into a diabetic coma.

Not what you want hear coming out of the cockpit.

Of course, the world found out via Twitter, with DWade doing the reporting honors - never mind the slip on facts - at his official page:

Hey everyone pray for our pilot. We just had a emergency landing in chicago. He went into a Coma. God bless this man and his family

Turns out is was actually a mechanic on board, not the pilot, but suffice to say it was a bit of a scramble. Miami Heat trainers administered aid as the plane landed and the man, who became ill while in the cockpit, was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

The team was returning to Miami after beating the Minnesota Timberwolves 97-84 on Saturday night.

Sadly, Wade could not stay in town to breathe life into the Bulls' playoff push while he was at it. turns out he had to jet for more important things:

Ok taking off to Miami. Gd nite tfam. I need to get some rest gotta go support my homie @andyroddick 2morrow in championship match

Action in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League is, no doubt, usually highly competitive and hard-hitting, being deep in the heart of hockey-mad Canada. Hockey itself is a tough sport with lots of speed and lots of contact. But this is something else.

In this video Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam is hit in the head with an elbow by Team Canada's world junior captain Patrice Cormier and immediately hits the ice in convulsions. Cormier was ejected, but Tam suffered a broken jaw, brain damaged and continues to convulse as he's wheeled off the ice to the hospital. The 18-year-old also lost "many" teeth, according to Canadian press reports, which also say Tam remains in the hospital with brain trauma, but could be released as soon as Tuesday.

The elbow check is apparently not a new move for Cormier.

Remparts coach Patrick Roy filed a complaint with the Quebec Provincial Police, who are now investigating the incident and collecting testimony.

The league has yet to rule on a punishment for what was clearly a late hit and cheap shot. Cormier, a forward for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies who had only been with the team for three games following a trade, has not been heard from publicly.


No, we said shooting guard, Gilbert.

Washington Wizards standout Gilbert Arenas is in a bit of a spot after being caught storing firearms in his locker. Not really a good idea in general, particularly bad in the District of Columbia where gin ownership remains a controversial proposition after a zero-tolerance ban on firearms possession - even with a license - was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 as a violation of the Second Amendment.

The three-time All-Star is now a target of an NBA weapons probe.

Turns out Arenas was trying to do the right thing. He removed the guns from his home after the birth of his daughter, according to an interview in the Washington Times:

"I wouldn't have brought them to D.C. had I known the rules," Arenas said. "After my daughter was born, I was just like, I don't need these anymore. I don't want them around the kids. We are working with the league and the authorities."

The Wizards released a statement Thursday evening after the news leaked out, initially being reported by

"The Washington Wizards have learned that Gilbert Arenas stored firearms in a locked container in his locker, unloaded and without ammunition," the Wizards' statement read. "The Wizards organization and Arenas promptly notified the local authorities and the NBA and are cooperating fully with law enforcement during its review of this matter and will have no further comment at this time."

It's not the first time Arenas has had weapons issues. He was suspended for Washington's season opener in 2004 because he failed to maintain proper registration of a handgun while living in California in 2003 when he played for the Golden State Warriors.

League rules allow for players to own guns, but in accordance with local laws and firearms are prohibited on team property.

Los Angeles Clippers guard Sebastian Telfair was suspended for two games and fined an undisclosed amount in 2006 after a loaded handgun registered to his girlfriend was found in his pillowcase aboard the team's plane when he was with Portland.

The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets hooked up in the type of NBA action you can really sink your teeth into Friday night. No, really.

Serial tooth-loser Carl Landry and all-everything Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki were battling under the board when Houston Rockets Landry's mouth met Nowitzki's elbow and, well, nobody wins that battle, apparently. Nowitzki went sliding to the floor and immediately started checking his elbow, where he found a few of Landry's chopper embedded. And by few, I mean five teeth in total.

Oddly, this isn't the first time Landry has lost teeth in a game. In April of 2008 he lost a front tooth in a practice mishap with Dikembe Mutombo. He then had that replacement tooth bashed out by Carlos Boozer in a playoff game a few weeks later.

Nowitzki, for his part, gamely took his foul shots left-handed, then quickly committed a foul to get off the court for treatment.

Nowitzki is listed as questionable for Sunday's game. Landry is, hopefully, shopping for a mouth guard.

Royce White came to Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers squad as one of the most highly-touted recruits in the country at forward. He leaves it with nothing more than the hope of having the highest amount of pageviews for his video resignation.

White says he's leaving the Minnesota basketball team because of his legal troubles and the stress they are causing his family and the program.

White has been a suspension machine since heading to the University of Minnesota. First losing time - and doing time - for a theft and assault on a Mall of America security guard incident, and most recently for a dustup over accusations involving a stolen laptop on campus.

Seems that White has had enough, as he discusses in his video, and is leaving the team to concentrate on getting his life in order. Nobody can deny him that worthy goal, but the self broadcast is a little odd. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

Minnesota athletics director Joel Maturi said that White hasn't informed anyone in his department about a decision.

White is currently indefinitely suspended from the team

YE Tiger Woods.jpg

How much is this worth on eBay?

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Got that perfect gift, fashionable yet sexy, for the significant other?

Well, if you're scrambling to fill the boxes under the tree, this could be your lucky day.

Rachel Uchitel, who spent loads of our precious time on Earth denying an affair with Tiger Woods, will now see some of her clothes hit the eBay auction block. And you thought this scandal had already hit rock bottom.

Here's the mysterious press release content, promising a future announcement on the sale brought to you by club owner JE Englebert about clothes acquired by some waitress and without much detail on the method of acquisition:


Outfit of Rachel Uchitel, the 1st alleged mistress Tiger Woods to be auctioned off !!

A New York City nightclub owner has the VIP Hostess outfit of Rachel Uchitel, the 1st alleged mistress of superstar golf player Tiger Woods. Club owner JE Englebert will announce a press conference soon showing off the garment and announcing his plan to auction it off on to donate the funds to a domestic abuse charity. "When Woods and his wife decided to go clubbing at 230am in the morning this turned into domestic abuse" "They apparently couldn't decide between using the wood (tree) or the iron (fire hydrant)" says Englebert. Englebert received the garments from one of his waitresses who want's to keep anonymous whom worked with Rachel at TAO Las Vegas where Rachel was a VIP hostesses. Reports state that Rachel Uchitel was offered hush money from the Woods camp to keep quiet about her affair in the amount, between $1 and $3 million dollars.

Oh, but it's all for charity? Well that makes it all better.

And how does one achieve the status of "1st mistress," anyway? Is it arbitrary? Alphabetical? Application-based? Tryouts?

ODD Bengal Suspension.jpg

It used to be that Bengals fans would only wear bags on their heads.

And you thought the NFL was the No Fun League? Turns out the school marms at Garfield Middle in Hamilton, Ohio, are decidedly lacking in happy genes, too.

The school, in its infinite wisdom, has penalized eighth-grader Dustin Reader for clipping. Specifically for clipping Bengals stripes and "B" insignia into his hair as a tribute to the team's good season. At this rate, it's a wonder the NFL hasn't sued for copyright violation.

The school says its code of conduct prohibits extreme and distracting hairstyles and they put the kid into in-school suspension "until his hair grows out." Reader's parents, Tina Wanamaker and James Reader, and barber say they don't understand why the haircut is out of bounds. His father says his son just wants to show pride in the 6-2 Bengals, according to the Hamilton Journal News:

"He's had designs on his head before and no one said anything," said Wanamaker. Previously, he'd had a rose, a spiral and the word "LOST" carved into his hair. On the occasion of the "LOST" cut, he was told by the school to fix it, but he didn't get in trouble, they said.

"This is a way for him to express pride in the Bengals' putting up a winning season," said his father. "It's not racist, not drug-related, not gang-related or anything like that. It's about football."

The in-school suspension - Dustin is in attendance and doing his work but remains in an isolated area away from other students - will remain in effect until the hair either grows out or he gets a different cut.

Mike_Tyson.jpgMike Tyson cannot catch a break. largely from himself, it turns out.

Just after he spent time straightening up and playing rock star to crowds in India, the law is once again in his life.

Police say the ear-chomping boxer has been detained on suspicion of battery following an alleged altercation with a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. The photographer has accused Tyson of hitting him, causing him to fall to the ground and cut his forehead. He's being treated at a hospital.

Holcomb says The cops say both Tyson and the photographer want to press charges for misdemeanor battery and that Tyson has been compliant and cooperative with officers and is currently waiting in a holding cell at the airport.

APTOPIX World Series Philli.jpg

Funny, that doesn't look like the Jaws of Life, Joe. (AP)

World Series-winning New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi may not walk on water, but he's apparently one step closer to sainthood in the Bronx.

Not content to simply end the torturous nine-year championship drought for the Bombers, formerly Chicago Joe took time after the celebrations were over last night to come to the aid of a woman in an car accident, reports:

"The guy wins the World Series, what does he do? He stops to help," said Westchester County police officer Kathleen Cristiano, who was among the first to arrive at the accident scene. "It was totally surreal."

Girardi and Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte had actually passed Cristiano earlier in the night at a drunk driving checkpoint before the Yankee skipper came up on the minor spinout. The driver, Marie Henry of Stamford, Conn., was uninjured and declined treatment, apparently. And there were no charges in what police described as a simple loss of control of the car.

In fact, the only crime was that Henry apparently had no idea who Girardi was:

"The driver didn't know it was him until after I told her," Cristiano said.

Once again, thaaaa Yankees win ... Yankees win!!!

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