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Whatchugonna do, brother, when you finally rid yourself of your pain of an ex-wife? If you're Hulk Hogan and the 24-inch pythons, you certainly don't get scared out of marrying again.

TMZ ran into the Hulkster and his girlfriend of a couple years, Jennifer McDaniel - you know, the one who looks like his daughter, Brooke, at LAX and he seemed to be a Hulkamaniac for the lucky lady, who was sporting a giant diamond.

The feeling must be mutual. McDaniel has "Terry," Hulk's real name, tattooed on her right wrist - the left hand is saved for the rock.

This whirlwind of romance comes just four months after Hulk finished a bitter divorce to his ex, Linda Bollea. Either he's punch drunk and has forgotten that fresh Hell or hope springs eternal, brother.

"Check that left hand out," Hogan, 56, told "That could be the new Mrs. Hogan."

Sadly, while looking for that video, this unfortunate link was also uncovered at TMZ - Hulk pantsing Ric Flair during a bout in Australia Thanksgiving week. Yes, there's a picture if you really need to see the hidden parts of the Nature Boy.


It's pretty much a good day when the Hogans, the Royal Family of Wrestling (or first family of white trash, depending on how you look at it) bring another squabble into the news.This time it's WWE legend Hulk Hogan sounding off in the latest issue of Life & Style to refute some trash talking from ex-wife Linda centering on daughter, Brooke. That's the kid not currently doing jailtime - unlike brother Nick.

Seems that mom is not a fan of her little girl anymore and feels she's being generally dishonest, in particular claiming Brooke is lying about getting a boob job and that the girl's boyfriend, rapper Stack$, liked to spark up joints with the Hulkster, a fact dear daughter covered up.

What's Hulk say about this - and the charges that he was "rolling and smoking joints" during one of his daughter's recording sessions?

"Absolutely not!" he shoots back. "Brooke is a clean-cut girl. She's very open and honest." In fact, Hulk suggests that Linda, who filed for divorce in 2007 after 24 years of marriage, is the one using drugs. Linda has said she'd happily submit to a drug test to prove otherwise.

Hulk's response?

"If Linda says she'll take a drug test, I say bring it, brother! It needs to be done, and she'll fail it."

What you gonna do, brother Linda? The ball's in your court.

Oh yeah, here's Brooke and Stack$ in the video for her latest single, "Falling" off the album "The Redemption." Right.

Brooke Hogan f/ Stack$ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

800px-PatMcAfeeWarmup.JPGWest Virginia placekicker Pat McAfee connected on 17 of 20 field goal attempts and made all 36 of his extra point attempts this past season. But no amount of clutch kicking could prepare McAfee for his bout with War Pig.

McAfee, an NFL prospect, took on the masked, bloodied War Pig in a semi-professional Wrestling match at the South Charleston Community Center.

This is the type of story that every sports writer hopes to someday cover, but rarely have the chance. Indeed, writing for a small-market newspaper has its perks. For instance, you have the ability to dedicate 1,300 words to a wrestling match at a community center.

Ashley B. Craig's article in the Charleston Daily Mail offers this blow-by blow recounting of the match:

When Sean Penn walked away with the best actor award at the Oscars for his stint as Harvey Milk, there was at least one big name ready to tag in on the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences - the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Flair, the Greatest Wrestler of All Time, did this fascinating interview with CBS, giving his thoughts on the punishment professional wrestlers take in pursuit of entertainment and talking about his admiration for Rourke's performance as a wrestler at the end of his line in "The Wrestler."

Chicago-based video game maker Midway Games filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today, a victim of our crumbling economy and, worse, a lack of anything new worth playing.

Midway made its bones -- more often than not ripped out of its characters -- with the ultra-violent martial arts/magic.sci-fi game Mortal Kombat, a mainstay in any decent college student's video game collection since the early '90s.

And when I say ultraviolent, I mean that in the best possible gaming way. Almost entirely because of MK's elaborate kill sequences at the end of fights, we saw the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board to grade out video game violence and keep the kiddies safe from gore.

Midway also markets a series of sports-related titles -- notably TNA Impact and Blitz the League -- that stray from the Madden formula of on-field action into wrestling and NFL players bar fighting with Midway's signature blood-and-guts style.

So why is Midway reeling in a world obsessed with gaming in all its forms, to the tune of somewhere near $20 billion in PROFITS in 2008? Simple answer is that they just don't have very good games and have lived off their early Mortal Kombat success too long. Today's gamers demand not only a realistic experience, but constant innovation. Midway's games aren't boring, but they are stale. And stale in the gaming world is enough to rip your spine out, hit you with a napalm ball or dice you into tar tar in a death scene befitting any MK best-of fatalities clip.

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