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serena-espnmag.jpgSerena Williams can't catch a break lately.

Williams was fined a record $82,500 Nov. 30 for making a boob of herself in a threat-filled U.S. Open tirade and could be suspended from that tournament if she has another "major offense" at any Grand Slam in the next two years.

Probably seemed like a good idea to head off to Barbados to chill out a bit before blowing her top again. Until she, you know, blew her top again. Serena has fallen victim to the celebrity curse: caught on camera mid wardrobe malfunction.

If you need to ogle her athletic form, the NSFW photo can be found here. Let your own conscious be the guide.

Luckily, the only outburst on this day would be of the swimsuit variety. The London Daily Mail reports that the fiery 28-year-old kept her temper in check and merely laughed off the double fault with friends.

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