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Cubs outfielder Reed Johnson takes in a spring night with the fans. (AP)

The Sun-Times' Gordon Wittenmeyer reported in March that the Cubs were keeping their options open on spring training for a number of reasons:

One requirement is a larger stadium seating capacity" than the 13,100-seat HoHokam Park in Mesa. Sources said that the Cubs "have contacted officials" in Sarasota, Florida, which "loses the Cincinnati Reds next spring." Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney said that the Cubs have been "contacted by Florida state officials."

Meanwhile, speculation has been building about a push to move a potential Cubs Spring Training home further south, with Naples being the name mentioned.

And Crist has apparently asked an economic consulting firm to look into the viability of relocating the Chicago Cubs to Ed Smith Stadium, according to a source at the Florida State University Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis.

Does this mean it's time to turn in cacti for palm trees? Not quite there yet, but some movement is clearly underway.

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