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brittny.jpgBrittny Gastineau has reached another life milestone. Reality show star. Model. Reconciled half-sister.

The abandoned daughter of former New York Sack Exchange standout Mark Gastineau finally got to meet Killian Marcus Gastineau, the until-now secret son her dad fathered when he ran off with Brigitte Nielsen in the 1980s - before she took up with Flavor Flav, of course. has a bunch of detail on the heartwarming meeting that clearly has really impacted Brittny's life for good:

"It was very weird and surreal," says Brittny, who hasn't been in touch with her father for several years. "I didn't cry. I'm too tough to cry. But we hugged, we talked about old stories. He said he watched Gastineau Girls in Italy, so he knew what I looked like.

I asked him a million questions, but he doesn't speak English. He's really cute. He's like 6',5", blonde. He looks exactly like Brigitte."

Another precious moment born of reality TV - and a philandering sports star. Sigh.

You'll have to head here for the full interview videos.

Former NBA referee and gambling enthusiast Tim Donaghy is out of prison after 11 months for a mob-fueled gambling scheme that rocked the league. And, of course, he's made a beeline for TV, ostensibly to explain away why he did it and how it never affected the outcome of games.

Donaghy sat down with Bob Simon on "60 Minutes" in an attempt to clear the air, if not his name. And while admitting to being highly successful - Donaghy and the FBI say he won his bets as much as 80 percent of the time - he never threw a game, he says:

"Because the FBI did a thorough investigation, and even the NBA concluded that I did not fix games in the NBA," Donaghy said.

"He said, 'Knowing the information that I had, I didn't have to do anything on the court to pick a winner. I could pick a winner 80 percent of the time just knowing what I knew an hour before the game,'" Special Agent Philip Scala said. "And watching the tapes we could see that there was never something outlandish where you could see he called a foul or he omitted a foul because he wanted to see a certain team win. We never saw that."

The NBA's investigation came to the same surprising conclusion: "It seems plausible to us that Donaghy may not have manipulated games... We are unable to contradict the government's conclusion."

"I tried to put it out of my mind. And I think that that I was able to do that," Donaghy said.

If you thought LeGarette Blount's yearlong suspension for punching Byron Hout was the last you'd hear of the Oregon-Boise State stupid fest, think again.

Now, Ducks blogger Bob Rickert is speculating as to what Hout might have said to deserve Blount's knuckle sandwich.

There are two leading theories in the Rickert camp:

"The most circulated and not denied by those inside the Boise State program is that Hout asked Blount how his dead family member was doing. The one he buried just a few weeks ago."

"The second rumor not denied by Boise State's program is that Hout dropped the N bomb."

An argument could be made -- not by this blog, however -- that the punch, while inappropriate, is more understandable than previously thought.

What do you think? Boise State hasn't come out to deny these rumors and no one is talking about what was said. If either of these rumors prove true (unlikely) should Blount's suspension be lifted at some point?

Someone needs to call "The Lip Reader."
Thumbnail image for erin-andrews-wrigley-field.JPGESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Sept. 11 to discuss the incident where she was filmed nude in her hotel room by a hidden camera, according to a report published by Sports Illustrated.

Andrews, who has not appeared publicly since the July 19 ESPY Awards, was in town last week to film the segment.

Andrews is scheduled to return to the sideline Thursday when South Carolina kicks off its college football season against North Carolina State.

Andrews is seeking criminal charges against those responsible for filming the video and those  who posted it online.

Andrews to be on Oprah's Show [Sports Illustrated]
alex-rodriguez-derek-jeter.jpgWhile the Yankees were in town last weekend losing three of four games to the White Sox, the team's marquee players -- Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter -- paid a visit to River North cool-kid-hang-out Sunda.

The fact that the pair didn't sit together was observed by an observer.

From Page 6

The Yankees' two biggest stars didn't act like friends the other night. Derek Jeter (above) and Alex Rodriguez, in Chicago to play the White Sox, both ended up at Sunda Asian restaurant Saturday night. "They sat at separate tables," said one onlooker, "and didn't speak to each other at all."
prince-fielder-dodgers.jpg*** Update: Video of Fielder's tirade is now available through the Los Angeles CBS station. ***

Home run and neck-tattoo enthusiast Prince Fielder showed his displeasure for being hit by a pitch in the ninth inning of the Brewers' 17-4 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers by performing an obscenity-laden march to the Dodgers clubhouse before being restrained by security guards and teammates.

The object of his anger was reliever Guillermo Mota, who drilled the hefty first baseman with a pitch and was promptly ejected.  But, clearly that wasn't the end of it.

He ran over there, and they weren't going to let him in, and everybody came back," Milwaukee manager Ken Macha said. "I don't know if you can restrain Prince. I don't think I can. I don't think there's anybody else out there who can."

Fielder had calmed down moments later, but his actions set up a potentially explosive series finale Wednesday night.

"He came inside. It just got away from him," Fielder said. "It happens. That's baseball. He tried to come inside."

When asked about his postgame march to the other side, he deadpanned: "I don't remember that."

Rage so strong it causes blackouts and loss of memory? That sounds healthy.
erin-andrews-wrigley-field.JPGThe Erin Andrews saga continues today as a 911 call made by the ESPN broadcaster from her Georgia home has surfaced. Andrews, who was illegally videotaped while naked in her hotel room, called to complain about "paparazzi" loitering outside her home.

Listen to Andrews' 911 call
Warning: Contains adult language obtained the tape of the 911 call and published it on the site Wednesday night.

In it, Andrews tells the dispatcher that two men were knocking on her door and looking inside her windows. The dispatcher tells Andrews she is unfamiliar with the news surrounding her.

Andrews explains to the dispatcher, "I'm the girl that was videotaped without her knowing, without her clothes on in the hotel."

Cops arrived to find members of the news media waiting outside for an interview with Andrews, who has not spoken publicly since the story blew up on the Web.

A transcript of the call is after the jump:
OMG! So, Bobby told Paul who told Mike that Brian totally called Jay a "P***Y!"

Can you belieeeeeeeve it? Just take a listen for yourself (Graphic Language)

You'd think with ProFootballTalk's heralded move under the NBC peacock's plumage that they would up the ante in providing smart, in-depth coverage of the NFL.


Just in time to take Brett Favre's place as the main football story in Minnesota, Vikings receiver and former Bear Bobby Wade told Paul Allen of KFAN that "during an offseason trip to Vegas with Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, Urlacher expressed a not-so-flattering opinion of new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler," according to Mike Florio of

Here's what's going to happen:

Reporters are going to run to Brian Urlacher and ask him if he, indeed, called Jay Cutler a "p***y." Urlacher's going to deny it (which, by the way, he did). They'll ask him, even though he claims he didn't say it, whether he thinks Jay Cutler is a "p***y." Urlacher will then say something along the lines of, "This is why I hate talking to reporters."

Then reporters are going to run to Jay Cutler and ask him his reaction to the thing that Brian Urlacher said he didn't say in the first place. If he's smart, he'll Rosenhaus it.

Then everyone's going to know to meet in the parking lot of Halas Hall at 4:00 because Jay and Brian are gonna fight. Everyone will show up, but someone's mom will catch wind of it and drive up in her station wagon to drag her son away by the hair (so ... Cutler's mom, right?). Everyone will scatter and go on to speculate who would've won if they'd fought in the first place (Urlacher ... right?).

So instead of Jay and Brian fighting, they'll unite and both beat up Bobby -- that is, if my recollection of Middle School serves me correctly.

And now, Tommie Harris is stepping into the mix via Twitter to issue a denial on Urlacher's behalf:

tommie-harris-twitter-urlacher.jpgSimilarly, Chad OchoCinco has jumped on the ProFootBallTalk train with this somewhat NSFW tweet.

No matter what was or wasn't said, this promises to be a strong contender for Most Ridiculous Preseason Story Line for the Bears as they're two days from camp.

Allen Iverson may be misunderstood. That's the message he conveyed during a recent press conference following his  Hampton Celebrity-Charity Basketball game.

Iverson, who is still without a team to call his own for this upcoming NBA season, gave out two scholarships to local students. The media, he said, tends to focus on the negative aspects of A.I. (like his aversion to practice). But they fail to point out the good he does in the community.

Dr. J-Water over at The Hoop Doctors blog makes a good point about A.I.:

"I think a lot of people that look at Allen Iverson's exterior and judge him like they would a book by its cover are missing out on what this man is all about. He's a work horse, he's tough as nails, and he puts his friends and family before all else."

Here are some highlights from the charity game, and a clip of a choked-up Iverson talking about how it aint easy being A.I.: 
dana-white-peter-moore-ufc-ea-sports.jpgChronically outspoken UFC president Dana White says he's at war with EA Sports, developers of some of the most successful sports video games in history. But the video game behemoth is apparently taking the high road by avoiding any verbal sparring.

It all started about a year and a half ago when UFC allegedly approached EA Sports about the possibility of developing a game. It didn't happen. Then, EA rival THQ recently released "UFC Undisputed 2009," which White told the media has shipped more than 2 million copies since may.

EA Sports announced in a press release June 1 that "EA Sports MMA" -- ostensibly lined up to compete with "Undisputed" -- is in development, eyed for a 2010 release.

That didn't sit well with White, who recently quoted as saying, "EA Sports told us, 'You're not a real sport.'" EA Sports wanted "nothing to do with" a mixed martial arts video game. "I'm at war with them right now," White said. "That's how I look at it."

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