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Yes, we're supporting blatant commercialization with this post, but who cares? It's Christmas - the official holiday of rampant commercialization.

Besides, these Nike spots playing up an old school rap battle between Santa Claus (an old school legend - KRS-One) and Blitzen (current Chicago hip hop legend Lupe Fiasco) with the help of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

The Blitzen challenges Santa to a game of hoops, talks a bunch of smack, then gets planted by the Jolly Old Elf. Pretty good stuff, really. Especially good to hear KRS1 again. This might be the best Christmas rap since Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis."

Anyway, Blitzen boasts about his game, telling Santa he'll spot him Kobe, LeBron and points anytime:

It all leads up to this epic rap and hoops battle on the courts, cause, you know, Santa won't be faded:

kobe.jpgAs if Kobe Bryant didn't have enough going for him, Lil Wayne has weighed in on the Los Angeles Lakers' star's greatness with a new song - the "Kobe Bryant Song" - he recorded just in time for the NBA Finals.

LeBron will not be happy this with lyrics like this:

"Kobe doing work / 2-4 on my shirt / He the greatest on the court / And I'm the greatest on the verse".

And it must have worked to keep Kobe pumped up. Bryant dropped 40 on the Orlando Magic to lead the Lakers to a Game 1 win, 100-75.

Lil Wayne, motivational rapper.

One of our friends on Twitter was good enough to point this promotional video out from the band OK Go, which you'll likely know from either the Nike/iPod commercial or the uber-viewed treadmill video.

Yes, it's just some sort of shill for Banana Republic, but at least they give a shoutout to the Empty Bottle, which is one of the great music-friendly watering holes in our city.

One thing, though, you might say you still "feel like" a Chicago band OK Go, but once you move to Los Angeles, you turn in your Chi-town cred. Sorry fellas, it's the law.

If you missed the Late Show with David Letterman featuring an interview with Joaquin Phoenix, you missed an exercise in squirmingly uncomfortable comic gold.

Phoenix was on to tout his new movie or his hip hop career or ... well ... who knows, really. Truth is, he might be the new Doublemint spokesman for all the gum chewing he did in lieu of actual speaking or human interaction.

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