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Current Zen Master and former Bulls coach Phil Jackson took his book tour to 'The Daily Show' to chat about "11 Rings: The Soul of Success" - the tome in which he dishes on his preference of Michael Jordan over Kobe Bryant.

Jon Stewart, a Knicks fan, pushed Jackson on whether he might have his sights set on New York - or Brooklyn - and got a tepid statement on Phil's lack of interest in returning to the court. Now, front office ...

There were a couple of Bulls snippets, though no more Kobe/Michael talk. Jackson was on the show wearing the 72-10 1995-96 championship ring. And Stewart asked about North Korea enthusiast Dennis Rodman. Jackson said he never suspected Rodman might have diplomatic skills, but did say he occasionally has contact with his former forward. Though, not by phone or text? Does Rodman only appear in his dreams?

Also, you'll be happy to hear, Phil isn't hurting for money. So stop your worrying.

It's Friday, right? Do we really need any other reason for this 1986 gem?

Dick Van Patten serves as your host as Martin and Charlie Sheen take on Michael Jordan in this inexplicable mix of awkward greatness.

Much more on this glorious 15-minute video at Grantland. And no truth to the rumor that Michael has drafted the Sheens for the Bobcats.