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Rest easy, world. If you felt a sudden disturbance in the force, it had to be the shoes - and certainly not a lawsuit.

The new "Space Jam" Air Jordans - Air Jordan 11 (Air Jordan XI) Retro - are out a day early. Originally due to hit shelves the 24th, you can get Santa to get you your high top fix without any more wait.

The shoe for "everyone," as Nike puts it, retails at $175. Clearly made for the masses - by tiny hands, so think of the kids when you're strapping them on.

Here's the press release from Nike:

Initially set to release on Christmas Eve as a special gift from Jordan to sneaker fans everywhere, the launch date for the Air Jordan Retro 11 has been moved a day up to December 23rd. This change will give everyone more opportunity to get their 11's before retailers close their doors early on Christmas Eve.

See? They are thinking of you, consumer person!

And, of course, some fun Memory Lane moments with the previous must-have kicks inspired by his baldness. Now when do the parachute pants and Michal Jackson zipper jackets come back to compliment the retro theme?

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