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Miami Heat fan who flipped off Joakim Noah is Filomena Tobias who has quite a history

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Remember that Miami Heat "fan" (insomuch as people who occasionally attend Heat games can be considered fans) who flipped off Joakim Noah last night? Yeah, we're getting more background on her and it appears as if last night was the least crazy thing she's been involved in.

The Sun-Sentinel has identified the woman as Filomena Tobias, widow of former CNBC commentator Seth Tobias. Her daughter told the Sun-Sentinel, "She's embarrassed, but she is being a good sport. She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life ... I have to say she still looks really hot." Then you Google her and things become interesting. Like the fact that people - including Seth's brothers - think she murdered him. 

The brothers, Samuel, Spence, Scott and Joshua, claim that Filomena Tobias drugged her husband and lured him into the pool, where he drowned. A former assistant to Seth Tobias has told the police that Filomena Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband, who was on a cocaine binge, into the water, promising him sex with a male go-go dancer know as "Tiger." A lawyer for Filomena Tobias has called the claims outrageous.

But wait, there's more

This New York magazine profile goes even more in depth into the sordid relationship between Seth and Filomena (aka Phyllis).
Phyllis moved to Palm Beach and was selling insurance when she met Jacknin, a divorce attorney. They got married in 1993 and had two children. But in October 2002 Jacknin filed for divorce, claiming Phyllis had gotten numerous credit cards without his consent and run the balance to the maximum. Jacknin didn't move out of the couple's home after they separated. He was worried about his two children. Phyllis was furious about that. The police were summoned three times in 2003, and each time, Jay Jacknin said his wife was the aggressor. He said she struck him, threw a phone, and pulled his hair.

So what I'm saying is that you got off light, Joakim.

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If you're going to be snarky, you should get it right.

"(insomuch as people who occasionally attend Heat games can be considered fans)"

you LINKED an article that says she's a season ticket holder.

I'm not letting her off the hook, but when you're going to be snarky and condescending about someone, you look like a pretty awful journalist when you don't even read the articles you source.

"Racanati said the family are Miami Heat season ticket holders who attend every game."

Still looks hot? I beg to differ. She looks like a 50-year-old ho-bag clinging to 32 years-old for dear life.

Somebody in the family attends every game. She doesn't go to each one personally. If you're going to be snarky about a writer being snarky, maybe you should read the quotes you use. They have a couple of tickets that the family shares.

Chicago fans are starting to sound like Cleveland fans! Lol

"All she has to say is that people need to get a life ... I have to say she still looks really hot."

The first part of that is laughable.
The second part is completely false.

the guy with her would likely not get in noah's face were it not for security guards. try that on the street, middle aged weak guy

He was quoting her daughter. I had to go back and read it when I first saw that. I thought, "there's no way he just said that!" He didn't.

classic S Florida skank...yuck

Who cares?
It's basketball... they don't even call traveling anymore & every tap is a foul.
There are more actors in soccer & basketball then all of Hollywood! I miss the old days! When players where players.

Who cares?
It's basketball... they don't even call traveling anymore & every tap is a foul.
There are more actors in soccer & basketball then all of Hollywood! I miss the old days! When players where players.

Someone should drown the gold digger/murderer

Bulls LOST by almost 40 points.....and this is what Bulls fans want to talk about....LOLOL....this was the fourth quarter when they were down more points than they could score in a single quarter....Bulls fans would never sink this low...yeah...right..

Just ignore the fact she killed her husband. Just as trashy as her Steve.

I love you Chicago, but this article is pathetic... Are Bulls fans really trying to pretend like somehow they are above someone giving the finger? There is no moral high ground here. Grow up, kids!

If 'who cares' then why are you on this message board? 'Then, where'....learn to write before you post something.

I like the expression on the face of the young guy sitting right underneath her.

well all i can say is come to chicago with that finger in the air and see if you leave with it.

well all i can say is come to chicago with that finger in the air and see if you leave with it.

The guy isn't her husband. His name is Bruce Smith. Not sure what he's doing with her but let's hope it was the last date...

leave her alone,,shes just a fan.... worry about your own life!!!

Miami fans need to realize this ur team had to b bought our team has been built and u beat us with how many starters out...smh Miami fans r sounding like Celtics fans big 3 in ur ass

That's MY point, as a BULSS fan, If your team is up by 35-40 points.....#WhyYouMad?!

Hate these type of people I see each day at work who just have obvious issues to get this angry at players who never ever fave done anything to them knowing they wouldn't do this face to face without security there.

Miami y don't we count championships or is it true that if ur from miami then u can't count past 2. And what ever happen to working hard for championships instead of buying them.

Really! she was rude and very disrespectful.
This has nothing to do with the bulls getting an A$$ Whoppin. They lost so what, suck it up and move on to the next game. But that lady was out of line. You can be a fan and not be so disrespectful and rude to other players. This statement not only goes to Miami fans but to every fan for every team.

That is the first thing that I thought. There is no way the punk coward does this to Noah in a dark alley. Noah is one big strong man. I would not insult him from a city block away and I am not a runt.

You can take the trash out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the trash.

Still, that doesn't change the fact that Chicago fans (including their sportswriters) have had a hard on for Miami teams ever since the 2003 NLCS Bartman game.

This is Florida, and it shouldn't suprise anyone. Lots of coke and white trash, and always within five minutes of a ghetto. Clearly she is a psycho and most likely a murderer, but who cares. I think of life as a ranking system, and seeing that crazy lady is just one more person in the world I'm better then. +1 me and +1 Noah. Shed have to kill all four husbands to make as much as he made this year.


No what Chicago fans are saying is that it was unacceptable when Joakim lashed out on the court and it was unacceptale for this "lady" to do the same. What Chicago is saying that in Chicago if you act like an idiot you get put out regardless of who you are or where you're from. People shouldn't talk out of both sides of their mouths and say
it was in bad tadte for Joakim to act like that but it is ok for a "lady" to do the same.

She looks just barely human and what kind of "fan" sticks their finger in a players face. Come on it is just a "game".

Funny how all every retard who is sore about losing can say is " you bought your team" last time I checked, all teams pay their players, thus all teams are bought. STFU and take your loss like a good punk!

Noah should have karate chopped the dumb biaaatttch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in the photo her mouth is in its normal position I'm guessing. All the millions this poor widow inherited after her fourth husband was murdered, don't seem to have been enough to buy her any class.

If he had karate chopped her, he probably would have never gotten rid of her!!!! She looks like she enjoys a good azz whoopin'!!!

She wagging that stink finger in his face is a crime! No person should EVER be exposed to such a high risk of contracting an infectious disease from the dreaded stink finger of a 50+ year old skank from "South Beach"! You see, she also took her skills down to South Beach...and all that she can show for it is a "Stinky Finger"! Pathetic Miami losers!!! Wonder what would happen if your beloved Loser James gets more than a stink finger in Chicago! Stay tuned!

Go Noah! We're very proud of Noah here in Chicago !

You mad, bro? Cuz you just proved my point that you loser Chicago fans have been obsessed with Miami teams since the Bartman game...or maybe it goes back to 1985 when Dan Marino and the Dolphins throttled Da Bears on Monday Night Football to ruin their perfect season. Keep hatin', losers!

a loser is someone who has to pay for help to win. When you got 6 champisonships then you can talk. MJ didn't sell out his team, nor magic, nor any respectfull ball player. He Labron is a punk, and so are his fans. MJ is and forever will be the king. LJ can't compare. There is even talk of him going back to cleveland wher he belongs. D Wade gets no respect in chicago. long time bulls fan 1968. we don't like quiters, punks or losers which Miami fans are all.

i think she should be invited to chicago for next game,that would be hot

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