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Angry Heat fan flips off Joakim Noah

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Let's imagine for a moment how their day may have started.

"Hey, honey, want to go to the Heat game tonight?"

"Sure, who are they playing?"

"The Bulls, I think."

"Sounds great."

So, the two meet up after work for a nice dinner, maybe a few drinks, he in his "white-out" shirt, she in her top that screams  "South Beach."

Soon after, they settle into their primo seats at the American Airlines Arena, politely cheering on their Miami Heat in Game 2 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinal playoffs.

Spurred on by their enthusiasm, the Heat jumps out to 20-, 30- then 40-point leads.

But, then the game turns chippy. The serene pregame dinner seems like a month ago. Victory is no longer the goal; a nice, romantic evening even further removed.

As Bulls center Joakim Noah is whisked away from the floor after his technical tirade, it happens.

The 15-seconds-of-infamy camera captures the unimaginable:


Good night, Joakim.

[Update: Turns out the fan's name is Filomen Tobias, and she has quite a history. ]

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