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Thirty years ago today - April 29, 1983 - Lee Elia delivered one of the all-time great sports rants in Chicago history and, perhaps, all of sports history. A few of us in the Sun-Times office bantered about some of our favorite sports rants of all time and we've collected them below. (Warning: thar be naughty words ahead so if you're at the office, use those headphones.) Let us know which ones we missed in the comments or on Twitter at @suntimes_sports.

Dennis Green's legendary melt-down after the Arizona Cardinals blew a game to the Chicago Bears in 2006.


A great rant from the great Ditka from his New Orleans days.

Then-manager of the White Sox Ozzie Guillen who has earned a place in the Sports Rants Hall of Fame.

Then-Cubs manager Lou Piniella gives a nice slow-build rant.

More below.

The White Sox opened their season on Monday against the Kansas City Royals. Before the game, Comcast SportsNet ran an introductory music video with some of the players lip syncing to the pulsating tones of  Saliva. Deadspin called it "one of the worst things ever put on television and possibly harmful to your health."

What did you think of the video