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David Stern to Jim Rome: 'Have you stopped beating your wife?'

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Jim Rome is a syndicated sports talk show host. He's made a pretty good living as a petulant, incessant talking-head. I like to refer to him as the G.G.O.A.T.--Greatest Goader of All-Time. Just ask Jim Everett.

David Stern is the NBA Commissioner.  He's made a pretty good living as a smooth-talking, marketing genius, although he has his moments of arrogance. I like to refer to him as the G.C.O.A.T.--Greatest Commissioner of All-Time.

Here's what happens when the G.G.O.A.T. accuses the G.C.O.A.T of fixing the NBA lottery. -->

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That is is some funny shiznit! Go Steven "nay" smith, I rarely miss a show. What up with that small table and tiny chairs you and skip are sitting on the last couple day. Goofy!

How could the commissioner react so poorly to that question? Rome could not have been more respectful about it, and I highly doubt he is the first one to ask.

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