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June 2012 Archives

How did LeBron James celebrate after winning his long-awaited NBA Championship?  Like a king, how else?

The Miami Heat forward and teammates partied into the early morning at a Miami nightclub in the Fontainebleau Hotel, according to TMZ.  James and teammates were throwing down a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne valued at $75,000, the celebrity news site reported. The NBA Finals MVP still had enough energy to dance and rap with LMFAO.

It sounds like a good time was had by all and there were no problems with valets at the club.

James, who abstained from tweeting to keep his focus throughout the playoffs, thanked his 5 million-plus followers via Twitter and sent them this video message:

There were several surprises at the U.S. Open this weekend, but none bigger than a man wearing a Union Jack ruffled hat and squawking out rooster calls during NBC's trophy presentation to winner Webb Simpson.

Better it happened there, though, than during Tiger Wood's backswing.

The usually quick-witted Bob Costas looked utterly perplexed. It was first-time major winner Simpson who fired off a nice ad-lib:   "Enjoy the jail cell, pal."


Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is a very giving player. Whether it's visiting sick children or aiding needy families with his Cornerstone Foundation,  No. 33 is always there to help. 

Jim Rome is a syndicated sports talk show host. He's made a pretty good living as a petulant, incessant talking-head. I like to refer to him as the G.G.O.A.T.--Greatest Goader of All-Time. Just ask Jim Everett.

David Stern is the NBA Commissioner.  He's made a pretty good living as a smooth-talking, marketing genius, although he has his moments of arrogance. I like to refer to him as the G.C.O.A.T.--Greatest Commissioner of All-Time.

Here's what happens when the G.G.O.A.T. accuses the G.C.O.A.T of fixing the NBA lottery. -->

So, I'm sitting with my 8-year-old son watching the Celtics-Heat game last night, and he begins asking questions that an 8 year old is wont to ask:  "Can the game end in a tie?"