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Hawk Harrelson goes off on umpire Mark Wegner

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White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson is a self-proclaimed, unabashed homer. He'd be the first to tell you. It was never more evident than during Wednesday's game when home plate umpire Mark Wegner ejected White Sox starter Jose Quintana, along with manager Robin Ventura, for throwing a pitch behind Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist in the fourth inning.

Wegner apparently felt it was retaliation for a third-inning pitch that hit Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski.
Harrelson felt--quite vehemently--Wegner was wrong.
"What are you doing? He threw him out of the ballgame? You gotta be bleepin' me!" Harrelson screamed. "What in the hell are you doing? What are you doing, Wegner? You gotta be kiddin' me. That is so bad, that is absolutely brutal. That is unbelievable!"
Possibly stealing a page from the Jim Leyland tirade book, Harrelson continued: "I'll tell you what, they have got to start making guys be accountable, that is totally absurd. It just tells you, here's an umpire in the American League who knows nothing about the game of baseball."
Probably doesn't even know that Harrelson played with Carl Yastrzemski.


Harrelson appeared Thursday morning on the "Mully & Hanley Show" on WSCR where he stood by his tirade:

"It was a good series, he should not, the guy should not have thrown Quintana out, it's just that
simple. It was a mistake and as I said, the warning should have been issued when AJ got drilled. That
was the second guy that we had that got drilled, and it was just sad, it was just a sad thing because of
the fact.....anway I said what I said and I meant what I said; but as far as the team goes, it was a heck of
a nice road trip."

Harrelson added:

"First of all, I still got a headache cause I got so upset yesterday; in fact by the time, I
took four Advil after that inning was over, and then I had to take four more on the plane, and
when I got home last night I had to take four more."

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Hawk was SPOT ON! Wegner is an ARSE that needs to BANNED from calling baseball!

Beckham was hit by a change up. Pitchers don't try to hit guys by throwing change ups. So, no Hawk that doesn't count as a drilling. AJ was hit intentionally, as he should have been for trying to injure the Rays 2nd baseman the day before by intentionally spiking him. Should the ump have issued warnings after AJ was hit? Probably. But just because he did not, does not mean he was wrong for tossing Quintana.

Hawk, give it a rest with the umps for a while. You're a broken record, and a very loud and boring one at that.

Its baseball fielders get spiked intentionally and batters get hit intentionally. And yes if you spike my 2nd baseman you will eat one your next at bat. But also if you hit two my guys intentional or not the next guy up is gonna eat one doesnt matter who it is. Point is its part of the game. Good job Hawk!!!

I watched the entire game. Hawk was absolutely correct in his assertion that Wegner was completely out of line and ignorant about what baseball is all about. Quintana did not hit the guy...I'm sure it was a "purpose pitch" but he should have been warned..not tossed! It could have cost the Sox a win & they had to go to their bullpen early. The lame idiot Wegner needs to be suspended. Go get 'em, Hawk!!!

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