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Cubs ballgirl passes on a Wrigley Field tradition

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Years ago, I remember sitting in the bleachers and seeing a pretty young woman throw a ball to Cubs center fielder Jerry Martin before the game. Attached to the ball was a pen and a small piece of paper held together with a rubberband.  What an ingenious way to get an autograph, I thought.

But, what happened next was a bit peculiar. Martin took the piece of paper, stuffed it in his back pocket, signed the ball, rewrapped the rubber band and pen, threw it back to the woman and gave her a nodding smile.   As a naive 16-year-old who didn't know the difference between hitting a double or getting to second base, I didn't think twice about it.  Years later, I did.

So, let's cut to the other night at Wrigley Field.  A Cubs ballgirl is caught on camera 'signing' a small piece of paper and handing it to a security guard. Cubs announcer Bob Brenly, who could see all of this on the between-innings television feed, surmised that one of the Braves players was getting her phone number.  As an astute analyst and former player, Brenly should know.

But, no.

Ace reporter Sarah Spain (if you're not following her on Twitter, you should be @SarahSpain) got to the bottom of "ballgirl-gate," tweeting that she was merely rebuffing a fan's advances.

sarahtweet copy.jpg
Still, it's good to know in this age of social media and advanced technology, the archaic tradition of passing notes lives on at Wrigley Field.

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