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May 2012 Archives

White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson is a self-proclaimed, unabashed homer. He'd be the first to tell you. It was never more evident than during Wednesday's game when home plate umpire Mark Wegner ejected White Sox starter Jose Quintana, along with manager Robin Ventura, for throwing a pitch behind Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist in the fourth inning.

With Brandon Marshall talking Super Bowl, a leaner Jay Cutler back from injury and Mike Tice taking over the controls of the offense, Kool Aid-sipping Bears fans have to think their beloved team is good for 12 or 13 wins this season, right? 

Wrong. Not according to the wiseguys in Las Vegas.


You don't think Brandon Marshall is anxious to get the season started? The new Bears wide receiver tweeted a picture Tuesday morning of him and a slimmed-down Jay Cutler in full uniform at the team's practice facility with the words: "Is it Sunday yet?"

It's too bad this skit didn't make the cut on the "Saturday Night Live" season finale, but with Mick Jagger, Kristen Wiig, et al. something had to go.  So, now you get to waste time at work watching it. The talented Jay Pharoah performs a spot-on Stephen A. Smith. And that doesn't "hurt me to say this."


When we last saw Gisele Bundchen, she was blowing her top after husband Tom Brady's Super Bowl loss. Now, she's taking her top off.

The Brazilian supermodel--wearing a string bikini, sans the "bi" part--has some fun in the sun on the June cover of Vogue Paris.

His minutes were down in the playoffs--zero--but that didn't stop Bulls super sub Brian Scalabrine from securing an endorsement deal with Power 2 Switch, a company that finds consumers energy alternatives. Scalabrine can be seen playing Ping Pong, eluding dodgeballs and performing yoga--the "White Mamba" pose, of course.
While watching this playoff series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies and seeing Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Tony Allen--you name 'em--flop on the floor every 24 seconds, I couldn't help but think of one man ... Ric Flair. 

Years ago, I remember sitting in the bleachers and seeing a pretty young woman throw a ball to Cubs center fielder Jerry Martin before the game. Attached to the ball was a pen and a small piece of paper held together with a rubberband.  What an ingenious way to get an autograph, I thought.