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NASCAR gets its 'Jerry Springer' moment, Calvin Borel gets arrested, Fan makes incredible grab, A fake Brett Favre returns to haunt Green Bay, A very unlikely triple play, and Kim Kardashian marries Kris Humphries

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Things got heated during Saturday's NAPA 200 in Montreal. They got really heated and, well, sort of weird after the race.

Patrick Carpentier's crew chief, Jerry Baxter, sought out Steve Wallace after Wallace spun out Carpentier while attempting to go three-wide during a turn. When he found him, he did something quite unexpected.

Yep, Baxter reached into Wallace's car and pulled his hair.

"Only girls pull hair," Wallace said after making sure his follicles were OK.
Jockey pinched

Three-time Kentucky Derby winner Calvin Borel
is due later today in an Indiana courtroom in connection with a drunk driving charge in Evansville.

Borel's agent said the jockey had a blood-alcohol level slightly above the state's .08 limit when police pulled him over Saturday night as he entered the parking lot of the motel where he was staying.

The 44-year-old rode horses to the winner's circle in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Give that man a contract

We've seen fans catch foul balls in their gloves, their caps, their empty beer cups and their not-so-empty beer cups. Heck, we've even seen them catch them while holding the most precious of cargo, a human baby. But maybe, just maybe, this is the best grab in the stands we've ever seen.

A Braves supporter got legitimate air while executing a jaw-dropping one-handed grab in a recent game at Turner Field. And now he's famous on the Internet. Dreams do come true.

Make it stop

And now for another chapter in the Brett Favre saga. What, you thought it was over?

Apparently an impersonator has been pressing the flesh around the Green Bay area, wearing the No. 4 jersey made famous by the gunslinger and signing autographs for those precious few people in the market for a faux Favre signature.

The man has made appearances at Packers practice and at a handful of sports bars around town. An owner of one establishment graced by the look-alike said the spurious individual "keeps his head down so you can't get that good of a look at him."

Heady play

Minor league outfielder Logan Schafer used his head to start an unconventional triple play for the Nashville Sounds in a game against the Omaha Storm Chasers.

Schafer turned and chased a Clint Robinson smash to deep center field, reached up and deflected the ball, which then hit his head. Somehow, he was able to corral it with a wild stab and throw it back toward the infield -- where the befuddled baserunners were stuck in no man's land.

"I felt like I didn't have enough time to turn around and I reached up my glove," the triple-play-turner said. "[The ball] went straight up, hit me in the head and I tried to scoop it up. It was a whole lot of luck and it was pretty crazy."

It's good to be ...

kim-k.jpgKris Humphries. The New Jersey Nets forward inked reality starlet Kim Kardashian to a lifetime contract Saturday night in a made-for-television wedding ceremony shrouded in secrecy. The Kardashian klan is now 40 percent of the way to an NBA starting five. For those of you not up on your reality roster moves, Los Angeles Lakers' Lamar Odom is married to Kim's sister, Khloe.

In addition to eternal love, Humphries is reportedly very excited that the nuptials were a money-making endeavor.

Sources tell our Bill Zwecker that the Nets big man loves the attention that comes with being part of a high-profile power couple, which is apparently nothing like the rush of the crowd at a professional basketball game.

Love, money and copious amounts of media attention? Some guys have it all, huh? 

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