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Joey Bouchard's leg is a living tribute to John Elway

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elway-tattoo.jpgYou probably think you love your favorite player. You probably think you love your favorite team. But do you have tangible proof of this devotion?

Joey Bouchard does. Big time.

The Broncos enthusiast has a giant tattoo of famed quarterback John Elway that spans the entire length of his left leg. His shin features an old orange No. 7 jersey that Elway used to wear and a portrait of the Hall of Famer on his thigh.

Bouchard said the masterpiece took a total of 85 hours to complete.

But don't think he's going to stand pat in the ink department. He plans to get tattoos of Elway's Super Bowl rings and wants the famous Bronco himself to sign his leg, which would be turned into yet another tattoo.

He's nothing if not thorough.

Bouchard's tribute has gained a lot of national attention over the past few days, and while it's quite impressive, I can't help but think that this Bears fan may have him beat.

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