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Casey Anthony spotted wearing Ohio State hat

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casey-anthony.jpgPictures of Casey Anthony wearing an Ohio State hat surfaced yesterday on TMZ, reportedly taken while she was out on a mid-day shopping trip on Sunday. This, of course, marked the first time Anthony had been seen in public since she was acquitted last month.

The celebrity gossip website contacted the university for comment on being thrust into the Anthony media frenzy.

"We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world," an Ohio State representative told TMZ. "Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative."

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That's so not her.

She is one hot Woman I'm one of few that don't think she did it. I know she's sure sexy smoking hot

You are trash.

that is her, are you blind or something? geez

That is that bitch

Sorry maybe I should say that is that girl

Casey has big juggs but not that big.

this is not casey anthony... this girl her hips and but and breast are big casey is alot more slim. just a hoax and setup to make people think this is casey.

That's not her.

Whatever moron @ TMZ said this is Casey Anthony needs some glasses!!! Have you ever seen her?! This is so OBVIOUSLY NOT HER!!!!

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That is 100% not Casey.Maybe Ray Charles would think so .Different nose and eyes.

So if this isnt her, is it possible for a person to learn and mimick a persons very distinct walk and swagger? I say yes.... This gal has some pretty big baby feeders...... Should any of us really even care if this is her or not?

What makes you believe this isnt CA?

You dont believe CA did it.... but do you think she has any knowledge of who DID do it?

You gotta admit... this gal has CA's walk and swagger down to a "T" though...

Damn!!! She's smokin' hot. Big old hooties & great butt. Can't wait to see her in Hustler Magazine.

It is absolutely 100% her. If you seen her walking in news footage you can see easily that it is the same exact walk and swagger that she has.

I think that is NOT Casey Anthony. Casy is petite comparing to the gal in the pic.


i wana smash lol, she can swallow these

its over its over she was found not guilty if she did it she did it if not her day will come. her life is already ruined so lets just let her be and focus on who really killed that baby

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