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Sun-Down: Barry Richardson shoves coach; Terrell Owens postgame drama, again; Lee Corso is missing his head; JayVaugh Pinkston suspended for season;

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Kansas City Chiefs lineman Barry Richardson was caught red-handed shoving members of his coaching staff during the third quarter yesterday. Someone recording in the vicinity of a talkative child provides us with the tape.

Surprisingly, coach Todd Haley said he had no problem with Richardson's sideline tirade.

"What you're seeing out our guys, and what's an exciting thing to me as a head coach is we have a lot guys who care," he said.

Let's hope more intense forms of violence are not sought out in order to prove one's level of passion for the game.
As the Bengals turn

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Here's a shocker. Terrell Owens' post-game comments are being passed around like candy on the Internet today with such teasers as "T.O. explodes" and "Owens flips out after loss."

The video, however, is not nearly as dramatic as advertised.

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is frustrated that his team is 2-10 and has no problem saying as much.

Stay tuned for more drama -- both real and manufactured -- next week.

Headless Corso
People, if you've seen Lee Corso's head, kindly return it.

It went missing in the bedlam surrounding the first visit from "College Gameday" to Corvallis.

Anyone familiar with its whereabouts is being asked to return it.

I wouldn't hold my breath, ESPN.

Highly touted Villanova freshman forward JayVaughn Pinkston has been suspended for the season after being charged with assault.

Wildcats coach Jay Wright says Pinkston understands the discipline and apologized via a statement released by the school. 


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In the case of Chiefs Barry Richardson, for all who have forgotten, in elementary, middle, High School/College and this also applies to the real world , You do not push or pick on someone twice your size for the reason that you might get beat up!

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